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Re: Edinburgh = Frankie Land
Posted By: Frankie <>Date: 9/12/04 1:22 p.m.

In Response To: Edinburgh = Frankie Land (hminn)

: Er there's an Arthurs Seat outside Edinburgh, but the phrase comes from a
: gaelic word meaning Something Else. I can't recall what, and I'm not
: searching for it now.

: Probably Big Hill or something.

It from the expression (phonetic, since gaelic is totally unpronouncable) "Ardna Shayg" which means "Archer's Reach" because the main part of the volcano is about as high as a bowman could shoot an arrow.

At least, that's what the wise old crone on Duddingston Loch told me. Anyway, no matter what it means, it's pretty cool to have a massive, lake-infested extinct volcano in the middle of your town.

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