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Who the Hell is Gothmog anyway?

"But now in the Western battle Fingon and Turgon were assailed by a tide of foes thrice greater than all the force that was left to them. Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs, high-captain of Angbad, was come; and he drove a dark wedge between the Elvenhosts, surrounding King Fingon, and thrusting Turgon and Hurin aside towards Fen of Serech.

Then he turned upon Fingon. That was a grim meeting. At last Fingon stood alone with his guard dead about him; and he fought with Gothmog, until another Balrog came behind and cast a thong of fire about him. Then Gothmog hewed him with his black axe, and a white flame sprang up from the helm of Fingon as it was cloven. Thus fell the High King of Noldor. "

- excerpt from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion

But enough about my sn. As for me, well, I started playing Halo around spring of 2003. Instantly hooked. Halo specialty: Ghosts. Halo 2 specialty: sniper. I'm an above average gamer.

In my spare time I play the violin (and the fiddle) and work at a wildlife center that specializes in rehab (not drugs, injuries) of birds of prey. Yeah, feeding time for the vultures and crow is a lot more gory than the Flood. But it's still the coolest job I know! Someday, I hope to go to the University of Pennsylvania and study to become a zoo veterinarian.

Best. Job. Ever. (for me at least)

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