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Re: All this About MC being the Reclaimer...
Posted By: Virus 232 <>Date: 6/14/04 2:13 p.m.

In Response To: All this About MC being the Reclaimer... (Dan)

: Alright, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned at all, but I've been
: reading all those wonky theories. They're great! It's some good food for
: thought, but I'd like to point out that......

: The Master Chief was wandering around in the "library" and he found
: a dead marine " Hardcore Sunnuvabitch " ( Can't think of his
: name ) 343 GS said that was the last reclaimer, and suggested his armor
: level or something didn't suit the situation. Sooo Scratch the idea of
: M.C. being the only possible reclaimer.

: Let's say for a moment, that " Potentials " To be able to get the
: Key and activate Halo were sent directions in the form of Deja Vu or
: memories which explains the familiarity with the Forerunner computers that
: the Chief seemed to posess... and the other soldier may also have been
: sent these " Directions "
: which led him to the library just like the M.C. Explaining how he got so far
: might be the fact that the Flood had not spread so much at the point, as
: when the M.C. got there. but when the Marine couldnt make it any farther
: than he did. The Master Chief was located and taken to do said " Job
: "

: As for picking the marine first, perhaps 343 GS analyzed neural patterns or
: some such and decided the Marine would be the easiest to convince, or
: perhaps he sensed the A.I. In the Chief and decided against using him
: first, but then given the risk of the Flood escaping He reconsidered
: weighing the risks.

: Just a thought.

or forerunner were actually advanced humans, and 343 recognized them, and thought they were the ones he knew years ago.... just a thought...

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