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All this About MC being the Reclaimer...
Posted By: Dan <>Date: 6/14/04 1:24 p.m.

Alright, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned at all, but I've been reading all those wonky theories. They're great! It's some good food for thought, but I'd like to point out that......

The Master Chief was wandering around in the "library" and he found a dead marine " Hardcore Sunnuvabitch " ( Can't think of his name ) 343 GS said that was the last reclaimer, and suggested his armor level or something didn't suit the situation. Sooo Scratch the idea of M.C. being the only possible reclaimer.

Let's say for a moment, that " Potentials " To be able to get the Key and activate Halo were sent directions in the form of Deja Vu or memories which explains the familiarity with the Forerunner computers that the Chief seemed to posess... and the other soldier may also have been sent these " Directions "
which led him to the library just like the M.C. Explaining how he got so far might be the fact that the Flood had not spread so much at the point, as when the M.C. got there. but when the Marine couldnt make it any farther than he did. The Master Chief was located and taken to do said " Job "

As for picking the marine first, perhaps 343 GS analyzed neural patterns or some such and decided the Marine would be the easiest to convince, or perhaps he sensed the A.I. In the Chief and decided against using him first, but then given the risk of the Flood escaping He reconsidered weighing the risks.

Just a thought.

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All this About MC being the Reclaimer...Dan 6/14/04 1:24 p.m.
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