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possible symbol/light decryption....
Posted By: Socrates <>Date: 4/4/04 10:11 p.m.

In Response To: 343GS Level Analysis *VERY Long* (skraeling)

Great work, there, skraeling.

My addition: I believe that the larger circles in the symbols represent the next(?) room, whether it is contained or if the doors are open. The lights could then be representative of the status in regards to how things are supposed to be: yellow, unknown/occupied other than by Flood; red, here there be Flood!; green, all clear, no Flood here!; teal, (non-weapons) experiment or observation in progress; blue, weapons experiment in progress. The color of the symbols could represent what's usually going on in that room. Red would indicate a room which will almost always have Flood in it; green would indicate a room that is supposed to be clear of Flood at all times; teal would indicate a non-weapons experiment and observation room; blue would inidcate a weapons-testing room.

Therefore, the symbols and lights combined might form a sort of "what to expect beyond this point" information system. For example:

Blue symbols:
-red lights: weapons testing room prepped with Flood.
-green lights: weapons testing room, not in-progress.
-teal lights: weapons testing room being used for observation (perhaps observing what's left after the weapons test.
-blue lights: weapons testing room, weapons test in progress.

Teal symbols:
-red lights: Flood present in room, but the experiment and/or observation has not begun.
-green lights: No Flood present in the room.
-teal lights: experiment or observation in progress, Flood present.
-blue lights: room being used as part of a weapons test.

Green symbols:
-red lights: Facility compromised, this section has Flood inside.
-green lights: No Flood present in the room.
-teal lights: N/A
-blue lights: N/A

Red symbols:
-red lights: Flood present in containment room.
-green lights: No Flood present in containment room.
-teal lights: Flood containment room under observation. (Something's wrong, but status is unsure.)
-blue lights: Flood containment room is being "cleaned" of Flood by weapons (possibly Sentinals).

Let me know what you think!


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