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Posted By: neko_san <>Date: 3/26/04 6:39 p.m.

In Response To: BUNGIE WEEKLY UPDATE!!! (Frankie)

: Bungie Weekly Update
: March 26, 2004

: Welcome mah friends, to another weekly look inside the machinery of Bungie
: Towers. Enjoy. Or be mildly distracted. Whichever.

: Mon Frere!

: Michel (who's a handsome French Canadian and a huge hit with the ladeez
: thanks to his combination of Gallic charm, sexy accent and excellent
: nationalized health care system AND the angriest 23-year old in the world)
: talked to me about moving BSPs today. A BSP is a Binary Separation Plane,
: or in other words, a great big chunk of level. The thing about a BSP is
: that it's all one giant piece (they can be small too) that's
: interconnected and joined at every seam. That means it's all rendered in
: one go, and can be manipulated at will – if there's enough processor
: power. And that's been one of the things the team has been optimizing –
: big moving BSPs.

: The BSPs in question contain some future surprises, but a good example would
: be say, a drawbridge (nope, the bridge we talked about a couple of updates
: ago is NOT a drawbridge) with like, a tollbooth, some gun emplacements and
: a bouncy castle. It's one thing to draw those objects as a Static BSP –
: quite another to move them around. Optimizing things like that frees up
: more processor power for AI and other tasks, so it's important to get it
: done before the gameplay is tuned on those levels.

: It's also a weird mix of programming and design – since in a way, a moving
: BSP acts more like a character or a vehicle than a building or a level.
: Often the various departments can just get along with polishing their
: bits, but in an instance like this, close-knit cooperation is a must.

: Michel has also been working out the nuances of the weather system with the
: environment guys. Mmhmm. Weather system. It won't be a big surprise to say
: that there's going to be rain and snow (it is Earth after all) but weather
: isn't always wet and cold. One level is set in a dry climate where dust,
: wind and sand all play a part. Filling out the levels with weather makes a
: tremendous difference to how "alive" the spaces feel. The snow
: and swamp levels in the original game are still some of my favorite
: levels. Rumors of a lava and minecart level are to be ignored.

: Parsons, our Studio Manager, hates making big promises (except about how he's
: going to crush me to death in a rat-filled refrigerator), so I won't tell
: you what Michel said about how much better the weather effects were this
: time around, I'll just say they're a "bit" better and leave it
: at that. To avoid the crushing.

: Needlers!

: Crack-Cananimator Nathan is pretty much happy with the dual wielding on SMGs,
: and not much, if anything is going to be done to those, but he's
: particularly pleased with the way the dual Needlers work. The gameplay
: subtleties that are going to be introduced as a a result of dual-wielding
: totally boggle my mind.

: Actually, the gun models themselves look super-cool too, and tuning has
: progressed on the look and feel. One Covenant gun has been altered subtly
: to make it look better in first person mode – there were some complaints
: that part of the stock "looked like a shark fin" and was
: obstructing the view too much.

: Sweet Crimeny Jeebus!

: David Candland sent around a "virtual" version of the user
: interface for testing and feedback. It's actually a little PC app that
: lets you play around in the Halo 2 interface without actually playing the
: game. You can scroll through the various options (you can change your
: control setup in mid-game now! Woo-hoo!) and best of all, check out all
: the Live options.

: Scrolling through the various Live functions – regular old Live functions -
: but in the Halo environment, was weirdly thrilling. I was almost literally
: dumbstruck just seeing a game invite icon and a Friends List in the Halo
: interface. The visual look and feel has been hugely overhauled, and
: everything is tight and together, but it still seems like Halo, straight
: off the bat.

: It's going to be one of those days when the game ships – do I play through
: Campaign right away? Or do I dive right into a new multiplayer map for
: some rocket action? I honestly don't know which one I most want to play.

: The interface is being tightened up so that it’s always easy to get where you
: want, from anywhere in the game. Sketch was saying this morning that it's
: nice we're thinking of the user interface as a part of the game, rather
: than an afterthought – navigating to a game choice or an option shouldn't
: be more annoying than playing through the Library with a depleted energy
: pistol.

: Scorpions Rock!

: I got a look at some new vehicle models today, including the Scorpion tank.
: Few things I'd love to tell you about that but can't. I can probably tell
: you about the new Pelican model however, and it's a doozy. It's fully
: bump-mapped, impeccably detailed and features a real 3D cockpit, complete
: with joysticks. You can't fly it of course, but it looks so much better
: than first time around. My favorite feature, apart from the detail added
: by bump-mapping everything, is the new glass shader. When you pan around
: the cockpit glass, it shimmers and reflects convincingly. Adding the extra
: depth makes it look much more like a working vehicle than in the first
: game. When I saw it, it was having damage applied to it, so expect to see
: one or two of them smashed up in Halo 2.

: There's also polishing work on grass, water and other objects. One test area
: featured big clumps of spiny, fleshy plants – Earth plants though, and
: they'll be featured as decorative bits of Earth City. That test area also
: showed off some of the new ground and "lawn" texturing, all of
: which is going to be brought to life in new and interesting ways. A big
: reflective pond showed off some calm water with convincing transparency
: (based on the depth of the water) – and I've already seen an impressive
: wave/reflection effect for the choppier bodies of liquid.

: Manual Madness!

: What do I do over here, apart from observe people with actual talent and
: ability? Well, one of my tasks is to liaise with the UX (User Experience)
: group on the Halo 2 manual. And we're working on it. It'll be cool. Full
: of instructions! And ESRB info. Hurrah for me! But seriously, the UX group
: is wicked smart, and planning a manual every bit as cool as the game it
: describes.

: Jaime Griesemer's Patented Brain-Bending Cranium Tonic and Bum Lotion!

: Jaime, as ever, blew my mind with the usual stream of stuff we can't talk
: about, but he's also working on something we CAN talk about. The tutorial!
: Jaime liked it the first time around, but for the new game he wanted to
: concentrate on stuff that you need to know to play the game, instead of
: the usual – this is your shield, this is how you crouch – kinda stuff. The
: example he used was that flanking is important, so the tutorial should
: "force" you to learn how to flank, without interrupting the flow
: of gameplay or narrative. Then you'll learn and know how to apply that the
: next time you find yourself in a similar circumstance.

: Jaime is also pleased to announce that they've beefed up both the Battle
: Rifle (in an unspecified way) and the Needler. The Needler will now be a
: gun you look for, instead of one you use as a big purple boxing glove in
: melee situations.

: That's all for this week folks, but watch out for inclement weather, even in
: dry climates.


wooo hooooo!!!!!

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