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Re: The Banshee Master
Posted By: vector40 <>Date: 3/12/04 12:17 a.m.

In Response To: Re: The Banshee Master (Ain Soph Aur)

: Using vehicles is perfectly legitimate in CTF, especially if those were kills
: made defending the base or killing off the other team while an ally was
: going for the flag. It's really only Banshee or Warthog whoring if you
: constantly use those in Slayer, becuase that's just freaking cheap. Not
: like I can't bring you out of it with a plasma pistol if you keep trying
: to run me over, but it's still cheap as hell considering this is supposed
: to be a shooter game.

: Personally, with all the fucktard TK'ers out there, why would you play CTF on
: the demo? I almost always only play Slayer.

: If you're on the demo, I'm occasionally on as Snow Fox or AINSOPHAUR. Not all
: the time though, my comp can't run it so I have to borrow someone else's.

Because this makes sense.

I'm not sure what game you're playing, but the one I'm playing is called Halo, not Halo-without-Banshees. Some people seem to play that one; I'm not sure where they get it. Maybe it's a mod.

Halo-without-fuel-rod seems popular as well, as is Halo-without-rockets. Sometimes Halo-without-running-people-over is the game, and sometimes it's Halo-without-sniping. My favorite is Halo-without-any-tactical-advantages-at-all, dueling-style.

As for myself, I tend to prefer Bungie's Halo. It's a lot of fun, and they were pretty good at balancing it. "Cheap"? I hear that one a lot. Seems to mean that I use Banshees, and fuel rods, and rockets, and run people over, and for some reason, everyone else is suffering from some weird technical glitch that either prevents them from doing any of these things, or prevents them from doing them as well. I sympathize, of course, but maybe they should work on fixing that.

Because whatever artificially rule-bound game they're playing, I'm not really interested in it. I've got rules of my own, but they're all oriented toward winning, and having fun; a few of them have other purposes, but only a very few. And what it seems to me that folks mean when they say "damn u get out of the air cheapass" and "u cant do anything else" is that I'm not adhering to whatever rules they've set for me, which tend to be flexible and not apply to them.

Know what? We're all playing the same game. Anything that I have access to is available to you, except in some asymmetrical maps, and then you can always switch sides. Sometimes, I'll enter a game where my side is being well and truly bitched; there is total domination, objects parked on teleporters, tanks watching spawns, four 'shees swarming in a dogpack and enough snipers to give you a hotfoot. Is this challenging? Hell, yeah. I'm not trying to belittle it -- I'm not saying I can win. It'll be real tough, and I'll probably lose. But the fact remains that there is NOTHING in this game that's only possible to one side, or uniliterally effective, or uncounterable. He keeps shooting you as you exit the 'porter? Go a different way and put a rocket in his back. Spawncamping? Flip a grenade as soon as you appear, or let someone else on your team spawn at a different location and take him out. Nothing is unbeatable. No weapon or vehicle or tactic in this game gives you assured victory. Only skill can make you win.

Does this mean that every tool in the game requires the same level of ability? Naw, hardly. A pistol is tougher to score a kill with than a rocket launcher, a plasma rifle harder than a tank. But here's my question to you: Does using a more difficult tool make you somehow better, nobler, or morally superior than the guy who chooses the best? Maybe you'll think that, as you match up against the fuel rod-wielding foe using a plasma pisol, it wasn't exactly a fair fight. Maybe you'd be right. But again, nothing's kept you from getting the damned FRG yourself. If you wandered across it, tell me that you wouldn't swap it for your pistol. And if you wouldn't... why? Do you think that the gun is unbalanced and doesn't belong in the game? Do you think that it's unfair? Fine. But don't expect the next guy you run into, who's camping behind a berm with a rocket launcher and two tanks, to share your same morality. And similarly, don't expect to win when you're playing under different rules than everyone else. And finally, do not, ever, complain when you lose because of it.

But really. How many of these people have a moral opposition to x, y, or z tools in the game? Nah. They just lack the skill to counter/use them, or they lack the patience and dedication of effort to go FIND that weapon or figure out how to BEAT that tactic. Hey, let's not figure out how to get rid of this guy, let's just keep walking through the 'porter, getting killed, and complaining in chat.

You got a problem with me flying? Shoot my ass down. Almost any gun in the game is capable of it. I'm not invincible and I'm not, somehow, cheating. And if you can't, then don't try to say it's because the tool itself is "wrong" -- you just don't want to deal with it.


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