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Who ELSE wears a Halo?
Posted By: Wavehawk <>Date: 2/6/04 12:36 a.m.

ET (Eric Trautmann) had this bit to say on the interview:
>>the correct answer to the question will provide the context.
>>Furthermore, one forumgoer stumbled across the correct answer,
>>but failed to realize it. I say no more.

Okay, it's been established that he's (most likely) talking about the Profits--er, I mean Prophets. But right now (again, have not picked up First Strike yet), I don't quite see the exact inference or context. Is it a device? Is it really a holy instrument? Or is it just some fancy hologram the Prophets use to look holier-than-thou?

Plus, do Brutes have the same such Halo? And if the Elites are one of the 'original founding races of the Covenant', why don't they possess it? Not to mention that Elites apparently live in fear and quiet resentment of the Prophets (the way I read The Flood).

That prompted me to wonder: Who else wears a Halo? Angels? Apostles? Saints?


Off-Topic Anecdote:
Some Modern-Day Special Forces do parachute jumps from high altitudes. This is called High-Altitude/Low Opening....H.A.L.O. jumping. Also, they call every thousand feet of free fall an "Angel". Thus, a H.A.L.O. jump takes place a 20 Angels.

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           So does Uranus *NM*immortal kombattant 2/9/04 5:56 p.m.
                 That joke is older than my fossil collection. heh.343winks 2/9/04 6:07 p.m.
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