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Re: Spartan-III
Posted By: Brannon Boren <>Date: 1/15/04 1:22 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Spartan-III (Louis Wu)

: As KOPD and Spartan pointed out, this is simply WRONG.

: Microsoft contracted Nylund and Dietz to write 'official' books; they worked
: closely with Eric Trautmann and members of the Bungie team to keep a
: modicum of coordination between the game and the novels. (Everyone
: involved had access to the Halo Bible, a collection of information about
: the Halo universe.)

Right on. Bungie participated in the brainstorming sessions, and approved the books at each stage (outline, draft, etc.).

Anyone who calls Eric Nylund's or William Dietz's work 'fanfic' is sorely lacking in their appreciation of reality. Both are respected authors with multiple novels under their belts, and we fought hard to get writers of their skill on those books.


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