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Re: Spartan-III
Posted By: Unknown_Being <>Date: 1/13/04 11:09 p.m.

In Response To: Spartan-III (Steve)

: I was reading HaloFS and then I thought when did Mendez leave the Spartan IIs
: to train the new spartans. Mendez left Johns spartans when they were about
: 14 in 2525(FoR pg 95)On pg 119 FoR the Spartan-II first encounter the
: Covenant when they are about 14, the engagement that resulted in Sams
: death. Mendez left MC's spartans when they were 14(right before that
: mission.) Lets say he went to train six year olds as he did with these
: Spartans. They should be 14 by 2539 and if they started the fight against
: the covs when they were 14 there should be 20-50 Spartan-III out there. So
: Bungie I ask you this where are they????

Here's what you SHOULD do... ask the AUTHOR of the BOOK. The book was a fanfic story that's used as the "official" book. Bungie. Did. Not. Write. It.

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