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Re: Starhammer (big post)
Posted By: Wado SG <>Date: 11/20/03 12:17 p.m.

In Response To: Starhammer (big post) (Kaworu Nagisa)

: Ahhh... Good morning!

: Well, Louis, I finally finished my homework assignment!

: Anyone who hasn't read Starhammer and still wants to may not wish to read
: this HUGE post. Also, I'm not certain I'm the first to write about this,
: but that's okay because I also don't care. :)

: The influences Bungie took from this book are just so obvious that it borders
: on plagarism, but it's more like paraphrasing. The enemy here are the
: Laowon, a blue-skinned, sometimes purple-skinned race bent on controlling
: and enslaving the human race. The humans are quickly becoming a client
: race. The Covenant are also primarily blue- and purple-skinned, made up of
: client races, though they are more bent on human destruction instead of
: enslavement.

: The secondary threat in this book are the Vang. The book describes them as a
: "High Intelligence Omniparasitic Life Form". 343 Guilty Spark
: did say that the Flood's parasitic nature belies its intelligence. The
: Flood bear striking similarities to the Vang; there is a 'ranger form'
: that attacks and controls the host, though in Starhammer, the Vang do not
: seem to require a living host. There is the same 'consciousness' though,
: as the host is aware of what is happening, but has no control over its own
: body. The Vang also had a kind of pinkish, frondlike organ, which is very
: similar to the Flood.

: As the Covenant with the Flood, the Laowon have had a long history with the
: Vang.

: In a hushed voice he said, "Did you know that there is an alien species
: that the laowon fear? Twice in the past thousand years they have been
: forced to burn entire worlds. They used nuclear weapons, until no life of
: any kind survived."
: "On both occasions they burned small laowon colony populations. On the
: most recent occasion they burned a small human population as well, which
: is how we in the brotherhood came to hear of it."
: -Starhammer, p.172

: So perhaps the Covenant are burning our worlds for fear that the flood is
: present there, and we simply aren't aware of it?

: Anyway, perhaps the most interesting parallel is the one that I have not seen
: mentioned yet. There is a character in Starhammer called Rhapsodical
: Stardimple, or Rhap Dimp for short. It is a small, thermally powered
: floating green orb, with two red eyelike lights known as a 'mote'. It was
: left behind on a planet by the batrachians, or wisdom seekers, along with
: the Starhammer. This little mote bears more than a passing resemblace to
: everyone's favorite insane AI. Here's a few excerpts: Jon stared,
: speechless, as a glossy green ball with tiny red dots like eyes floated in
: with a slight humming sound.
: p.133

: The ball had been murmuring to itself in a squeaky little sing-song.
: p.134

: He was about to hand the cube back when Rhap Dimple became active with a
: squawk.
: "Trace! Yes! Unit to report!"
: "What is the matter?" they Bey asked. The mote hovered over the
: cube and a blue spark passed between them.
: p. 150

: note: the cube was a small object that apparently contained the necessary
: access codes to activate the Starhammer. Jon, the main character, was
: given the cube which was made by a device that I believe read his thought
: patterns, or DNA, or something like that. Jon was the 'Reclaimer', it
: seems.

: one more: Jon lurched down each passageway as the mote led him. The walls of
: yellow brown scales were monotonous, endless. Each time they came to a new
: opening, the mote considered the passageway carefully and then directed
: Jon forwards.
: p. 280

: Pretty obvious, no?

: Other interesting facts. I seem to recall someone at Bungie saying they
: wanted to make a level that looked like a war had taken place something
: like 900,000 years ago. This is very similar to the planet BRF, or Baraf,
: in Starhammer. The batrachians, similar to the Forerunner, had fought an
: ancient war long ago with the Vang, leaving our space-time continuum
: behind as they used the Starhammer to destroy their own sun in an effort
: to eradicate the Vang. Their skeletons and ancient machinery litter the
: surface of the planet.

: The batrachians machinery seems to be 'grown' and not constructed. It is made
: out of a substance called 'eternite' that lasts forever, much like the
: structures on Halo, and Halo itself, though MC blew it up, so it can't
: have been quite as good...

: On Baraf, there are ancient structures like ziggurats, almost identical in
: design to Halo's control room building. Even the vast spherical control
: room of Starhammer bears striking resemblance to Halo's control room.

: It is said in the book that ship to ship communications begin with x-
: designations. I quote from the 'Transmissions' page: CCS Truth and
: Reconciliation (DE H c-1)
: o SCS Pillar of Autumn
: RECEIVED (trans)
: via x-process 04019.2.32.273390 (process owner BW - AI - Class III)

: What you have begun in anger you shall end in shame.

: Note the 'x-process'.

: On rampancy: "But the computer malfunctioned, accelerated to maximum
: speed, and kept it up for centuries."
: "I wonder why?"
: "Apparently it had formulated the 'Two God' problem for itself, a noted
: hazard with some early generations of advanced computers, especially the
: so-called tenth generation. It was a mathematical black hole from which
: they hardly ever recovered, becoming obsessed with the need to prove that
: they were, or were not, God incarnate."
: p. 177

: One more thing. It's not that significant, but Bungie always likes the
: details.

: On page 47, Jon is going to see a computer whiz friend of his, named Meg. On
: his way, he turns down corridor 117...

: Kaworu Nagisa

: The Tru7h is out there...

Very nice.

So if the Batrachians in Starhammer are like the Forerunners in Halo and Jon from Starhammer "the reclaimer" like John 117 from Halo, then how is it in Starhammer that Jon was given the cube? We know how John 117 gets the index but we aren't sure why he was chosen for the task to retrieve it.

How was Jon chosen to get the cube and why? Is that explained?


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