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Posted By: Jillybean <>Date: 11/20/03 11:33 a.m.

In Response To: Starhammer (big post) (Kaworu Nagisa)

: Ahhh... Good morning!

Why thank you

: The influences Bungie took from this book are just so obvious that it borders
: on plagarism, but it's more like paraphrasing.

It has been discussed, many times, that Halo is a collection of lots of storylines, books, plots. Plagarism is a strong word - a controversial word. Use it wisely.

: As the Covenant with the Flood, the Laowon have had a long history with the
: Vang.

Do they? I was under the impression the Covenant thought there was 'a weapon' on Halo. For this reason they were shocked when they found the Flood. If you mean there is a history of a relationship I understand. The Covenant follow their 'Gods' who led them to Sigmus Octa to find the location of the Halo. There they found this weapon, the flood.

: So perhaps the Covenant are burning our worlds for fear that the flood is
: present there, and we simply aren't aware of it?

For the reasons above - I'm not sure.

: "What is the matter?" they Bey asked. The mote hovered over the
: cube and a blue spark passed between them.
: p. 150

Oooh - can you find a 'Guilty' connotation because you might be on to something with him.

: Other interesting facts. I seem to recall someone at Bungie saying they
: wanted to make a level that looked like a war had taken place something
: like 900,000 years ago. This is very similar to the planet BRF, or Baraf,
: in Starhammer. The batrachians, similar to the Forerunner, had fought an
: ancient war long ago with the Vang, leaving our space-time continuum
: behind as they used the Starhammer to destroy their own sun in an effort
: to eradicate the Vang. Their skeletons and ancient machinery litter the
: surface of the planet.

Interesting - but a common Sci-fi plot.

: On rampancy: "But the computer malfunctioned, accelerated to maximum
: speed, and kept it up for centuries."
: "I wonder why?"
: "Apparently it had formulated the 'Two God' problem for itself, a noted
: hazard with some early generations of advanced computers, especially the
: so-called tenth generation. It was a mathematical black hole from which
: they hardly ever recovered, becoming obsessed with the need to prove that
: they were, or were not, God incarnate."
: p. 177

I'm all for Cortana being evil having ulterior motives. The mathematical black hole sounds a lot like Cortana's fate - she will think herself to death. How long has Cortana been operational? How long does she have to live? Will she start misdirecting the Chief? V. interesting.

: On page 47, Jon is going to see a computer whiz friend of his, named Meg. On
: his way, he turns down corridor 117...

Evidence of a connection - or coincidence? Fifty fifty chance IMO

: The Tru7h is out there...

Indeed it is. And a portion of it may be in this book. *runs to the bookshop*

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