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Re: Since I'm not involved...
Posted By: menace <>Date: 11/2/03 8:32 p.m.

In Response To: Since I'm not involved... (Miguel Chavez)

: Bungie has been known to add very deep,
: intricate layers to their games. ... If you
: had been around during the Marathon and Myth days, you would know that
: there was even *more* stuff to talk about back then.

In the Marathon series (which were innovative and engrossing Macintosh-based 1st-person shooters of the post-Doom era from 1994-1996, but with story and ambience more like Halo--in fact, you play essentially the same character, in a similar situation) you interacted with computer AIs called Durandal, Tycho and Leela via "terminals" strewn throught the ship, which provided text and some graphics (such as map routes and goals to accomplish). This was equivalent to Cortana talking to you in Halo, but often much more convoluted and mysterious, even inscrutable.

(To see what terminals look like in the various Marathon games, go to In the left panel, scroll to below the "What's new" stuff, and under "Marathon", "Marathon 2: Durandal" and "Marathon: Infinity" are links to all the chapter screens and terminals.

But some terminals do more than just further the story line, such as this one from Marathon 2 ("Pfhor" are the name of the aliens you fight, rather like Covenant):

If you don't recognize this, you should watch the beginning of Halo again.

In Marathon Infinity, Double Aught (who did the scenario development for Bungie, which was by then working on the RTS game Myth: The Fallen Lords) went one better: (last entry)


(a couple of the links from this page are missing /story/ in the URL)

Perhaps the best quote being:

"Look it over, marvel at the sick mind that would go to these lengths to hide an easter egg, marvel at the sicker mind that would look for it."

Marathon's Story

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