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Re: Help for Pico? *IMGS*
Posted By: Pico <>Date: 9/25/03 2:58 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Help for Pico? *IMGS* (Shishka)

: 5-D space is a term coined from a level in Marathon.

: The funny thing about a 2.5d game such as Marathon and its ilk was that,
: because the game wasn't true 3d, two rooms could exist in the exact same
: location in space without actually interfering with each other. The effect
: of this is that if you connect the rooms with a hall way, you can make it
: appear as though someone is going into the same room, but an
: "alternate dimension" thereof, so to speak.

: Here's the example I made way back in the day, when I first started saying
: Halo 2 needed 5-d space. These pics were created in Forge, the Marathon
: 2/Infinity level editor.

: Makes sense, right? Two rooms, A and B, are connected to each other by a pair
: of hallways. Note that the size of the two rooms, and the points at which
: the halls meet the rooms are exactly the same.

: Now, if I were to drag room B so that it's on the same area as room A, and
: then match the corners for the two halls together, I get something like
: this:

: What appears to be a single room with a looped hallway is actually two rooms
: and two hallways that share the same space. Thanks to the limitations of
: 2.5D engines, these rooms do not actually touch each other.

: The original 5-D Space was much more complex than my simple example. It
: appeared to be a room with a number of columns. But, when you would spin
: around a column to attack someone that was behind you and suddenly you
: were in a completely different room with the same number of columns but a
: completely different look. It was a crazy map and was lots of fun, though
: it could make your head spin. ;)

: -S

So if your in a room like that (5-D Space) you can just accidentaly walk into the other room? That does sound like a crazy map! I guess that means that someone could just appear right in front of you all of a sudden.

PiCo wants to explore a room like that

Everybody! Everybody!

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