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Re: Help for Pico? *IMGS*
Posted By: Shishka <>Date: 9/25/03 2:46 a.m.

In Response To: Help for Pico? (Pico)

: What exactly is 5-D space? Would you be able to supply a detailed explanation
: (or an esplanation none the less)? I know the first 4 dimentions:Length,
: Width, Depth, and Time. But, shoot. I don't know what the 5th demention
: is. Little help here?

: PiCo wonders where this whole "5-D Space" in a game came from.

5-D space is a term coined from a level in Marathon.

The funny thing about a 2.5d game such as Marathon and its ilk was that, because the game wasn't true 3d, two rooms could exist in the exact same location in space without actually interfering with each other. The effect of this is that if you connect the rooms with a hall way, you can make it appear as though someone is going into the same room, but an "alternate dimension" thereof, so to speak.

Here's the example I made way back in the day, when I first started saying Halo 2 needed 5-d space. These pics were created in Forge, the Marathon 2/Infinity level editor.

Makes sense, right? Two rooms, A and B, are connected to each other by a pair of hallways. Note that the size of the two rooms, and the points at which the halls meet the rooms are exactly the same.

Now, if I were to drag room B so that it's on the same area as room A, and then match the corners for the two halls together, I get something like this:

What appears to be a single room with a looped hallway is actually two rooms and two hallways that share the same space. Thanks to the limitations of 2.5D engines, these rooms do not actually touch each other.

The original 5-D Space was much more complex than my simple example. It appeared to be a room with a number of columns. But, when you would spin around a column to attack someone that was behind you and suddenly you were in a completely different room with the same number of columns but a completely different look. It was a crazy map and was lots of fun, though it could make your head spin. ;)


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