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Summer Slaying
Posted By: KP <>Date: 8/24/03 1:00 a.m.

The Summer Slaying event at HBO HQ today is now officially over (which basically means I left, seeing as to how I'm always the life of the party). There were 3 projectors, 2 great high definition projectors (curtesy Miguel and Blackstar) and one projector from the seventies which is rumored to have caused the great HBO HQ basement blackout of '03 (don't ask, I don't know). Along with that, there were a few high definition tvs which were going at the same time. That made for mostly 8v8 games while another couple xboxes played 4v4. We had some great matches on lots of maps, and there weren't too many bad games (if such were the case, Louis is always the first to back out if he doesn't like the settings ;)). The high kill counts pretty much always belonged to geoff, who basically showed up and beat us all silly (I, uh, haven't played for a few months...right...).

The usual suspects were there: The Wu, Miguel, Blackstar, nof, Gholsbane, team OvK, Have Blue, Konrad, Neo, Lophan, Fuhrman, Geoff, the Historian, Ben (Louis' son), a bunch of cool other people (I'm having trouble remembering, sorry), and some kids who showed up at 10:30pm as I was leaving who I didn't get to play with (apparently they were lost all day, I would've turned back for home after an hour, but that's just me). Also, the bad pizza curse that has plaigued so many of these events, was avoided for a second straight outing thanks to Mama Mia's, even the Ninja Turtles would have certainly approved

The whole day was really awesome, and I'd like to thank Louis for hosting it, because it's a lot of work. Plus seeing your house pillaged like that can't be comforting to anyone, atleast we helped him get rid of his stockpile of soda (you did want that, right?). Also his wife, for putting up with our loud and obnoxious war cries all night.

PS-Team OvK is hillarious

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