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Command and Conquer Generals: Halo Mod
Posted By: Dispraiser <>Date: 8/19/03 5:49 p.m.

For the past few months I have been working on the Halo mod, but do to a lack of initiative with the rest of the mod our leader lost all of the former mod team but myself and the leader. I was the only one with any progress (every model besides the Longsword and half of the buildings) completed. The leadership was also not too tolerant to adding two new units to balance the Covenant and UNSC sides, so I left and decided to start my own mod.

First, a word or two about the mod...

The Halo mod is a plan to incorporate the Human and Covenant forces from Halo into command and Conquer generals. Every unit will be intact, and there will be two units added for balance purposes. Buildings and technologies will be useable (duh...), as well as Generals abilities. Remember, halo was an RTS in the beginning...


And, as for recruitment...

Anyway, I can model things, and the former leader has joined my mod as a coder, but what we still need is a skinner. If you can get UVW maps in 3ds max/gmax, that is great, but I can gather most UVWs myself. Anyways, if you have any interest in skinning for the mod that is great, and I would love to make you a member of the Halo mod team.

Even if you can't skin, there is other things we need. Behind most great mods is good sound. If you can extract sound, remix music or any other skills that you can use for the mod, that would be great. We also need a website. I have designed two sites for the mod, but neither is much good, so anyone who can code HTML better than me (most of you) greatly needed.

Another thing that the mod needs are buttons for each unit. Buildings are taken care of, they are original, so there is nothing we can do to find real shots of them, but the Units like the wraith tank and Scorpion could easily get excellent shots. If you have a modded Xbox that can bump characters it would be especially useful for gathering shots of Marines, ect in cool positions.

Email me at if you want to join or have interest in the mod, just make sure to mention why you are emailing me in the subject line (comments, ect) That or contact me over MSn or AIM. Dispraiser2021 for AIM, and for MSN.


If you ever plan on working as a game developer you should go to college to gather the skills needed. One way to make your college resume stand out is to have roots in the mod community. Even if this is your first time in the mod community, your help would be awesome. With most of the models almost done we can hope that this mod will be finished before the end of the year, but it all depends on how much help I get. Please help the mod!

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