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She can have the TV........................
Posted By: Skavenger_s7 <>Date: 8/11/03 1:35 a.m.

Noobs won't get some of this......... But regulars will.

ENDING OF PART 2..........................................................

Frogblast: "I overloaded the game....LOL...... take off! Run! I can only
keep it like this for a few more minutes then you sorry souls are back on
your own!"

Off we went, dragging the injured and pilfering the dead. As I was running I
noticed he was right. the whole thing had stopped but us. Even the snow
wasn't falling anymore, just sitting there motionless in the air. We ran
until we could run no more. One of the marines that had lived found a small
cave and we dove into it. Nobody spoke a word, we just looked around out of
breath. I took count of who made it and who died. I think we got another 45 minutes upspin from the Covenant. Just as I started to breath easy I saw an expression on Miguels face I din't like.

SKAV:"What is it?" as I turned and looked out the cave.

Miguel:"The snow. It started to fall again. Whatever Frogblast did is over...there on the move again"

Part 3......................................................................

So there we sat. The snow falling usually made me calm, but not today. Today
it was a sign that my ass was gonna be running again. Sometimes I felt the
guys who died had it easy, and the guys in the cave with me were the
suckers. Our numbers kept getting smaller and smaller with each encounter.
Actually, I was surprised we got this far.

Miguel was crouched up near the entrance to the cave. He was talking with

GUY:"Well the front of the cave is elevated and yet still covered by trees,
that should help keep them back a bit."

Miguel: "Yea, but we left footprints that nobody could miss"

GUY:"Hopefully the snowfall will cover them before they get here, it's comin
down pretty good now."

GUY:"Hey, where did you get the red bandana?"

Miguel:"Why? ...Does it look bad?"

GUY:"No..........not makes you look a little bit like a girl
though...Sorry just being honest"

Skav walks up.

Skav:"Now what, any ideas"

B-sharp:*Sarcastically* "We could surrender"

Miguel:"Seriously, whats wrong with my bandana"

Guy looks down the dark cave,"Well Skav, if you have any Yellow banshees to
pull out of your ass, now's the time brother."

Korhal:"Told you the yellow banshee thing was him!"

B-Sharp:"Does anyone know exactly where we are?"

Hipboyscott:"Not exactly......Damn me all to hell... I was playin these
levels so fast that I really didn't pay attention to what was around me at

B-Sharp:"Why were you playing so fast?"

Hipboyscott:"Well back in the day, the rumor was that you could unlock
Banshees in multiplayer if you finished quickly............... I never
really played much after that"

Well out little group of cave dwellers patched themselves together and
prepared to fight. Even guys like Korhal that were broken up pretty bad,
propped themselves against a wall with gun in hand. Vid Boi was scoping in
way down the canyon from a perch just above the enterance to the cave.

H.B.S.(hipboyscott):"Dude, how did you find that spot?"

Vid:"bungie always puts these little shelf lookin' things in places like
this. You know if you actually played the game for longer than 3 hours on
easy you would know stuff"....................."Anyways they are comin'. And
they aren't missing much, they are spead out into 4 man groups. Searching
everything.They'll see us here for sure.It's only a matter of time."

Warbow:Well, here's my thoughts. I don't think we can stop them, maybe we
should follow this cave. These formations are not natural, they must lead

We all sat there with a touch of Deja Vu. After a quick discussion, Warbow
and I decided we would head into the cave and see if there was a way out.
More important to our quest (well for me and War, was to try and find Louis)

Skav:"Remember back in the cave..I was the one who said it first to try to
follow it and see where it led. Nobody said anything. Then when you do,
everyone starts talkin' about it"

WAR:"You didn't say anything at all. I was first to bring it up"

I knew he was wrong but I knew that we didn't need to be fighting each other
while looking for Louis.Just like before when I was yelling about the
weapons and stuff...everyone sat there like the didn't even hear me, until
Miguel said it, then it was a great idea to gather them up. Whatever.......

WARBOW:"And just so you know, Miguel deletes half of everything you
say...... he he he, that's why you think nobody is listening."

Skav:"Freakin' MIguel! He always does that!"

We came to a fork in the cave. Neither of us knowing which way to
go we left it up to an old chinese ritual. ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! 1,2,3... I
had paper, WAR had rock.

SKAV:"I win"

WAR:"no way, rock tears right through paper"

OK, we went his way. Alternating flashlights to keep them alive we walked for
hours. I sure hope the other guys were doing OK. We came to yet another
choice.1,2,3.....This time I had scissors,and WAR had rock.

WAR:"I win, we go my way."

SKAV:"Wait, what beats rock then?"

WAR:(walking away)"nothing"

I hadn't gone too far when I caught up with WAR. He had stoped and was
looking at the wall of the cave. It had some crude indian pict-O-gram
looking thing. We stood there for a few minutes but couldn't make it out.
There was like a big arch drawn by some water and a rectangular box spinning
in the air over it. A bunch of stick figured people at the bottom chanting
and a few flying. It was oddly familiar but neither of us could put our
finger on it. We kept on for a long time. I just followed WAR, what was the
point in stopping for 10 seconds of him putting me in my place with "rock
always wins game" at every crossroads we found. We finally came upon another
opening to the outside world. It wasn't snowing here though. It was hot. We
slid down the bank til we hit the dry canyon floor. Just around the bend we
could hear voices. Human voices. We ran over and peeked around. We were
close enough to here them talking.......... well arguing.

BURNIE:"Man, I told you if we kept playing halo while we were drunk
something really bad was gonna happen to us"

GUS:"I think you did this to us. Everyday we go over and over the same
stuff. Then one day it happens and here we are STUCK!....I hate you burnie"

Burnie:"Me? I didn't make you play you cockbite."

We came out from behind the rocks..........."Hey guys!"

Burnie and Gus:"Son of a bitch!!"

Burnie:" Damn you scared me. Matt? Is that you?" Looking at Skav.

Skav: "Uh, no I am Skavenger?"

Burnie:"Man you look A LOT like Matt."

GUS:"Who are you?"

SKAV:"Skavenger! You know! Hurricane Halo, Yellow Banshee...Skavenger!"

WAR:"Crap dude, give it a rest." Warbow turned to me and quietly asked.."Who
are these guys?"

Skav:"I think they are the Red vs Blue guys. I think Burnie is Church and
Gus is Simmons. What is strange is how come they don't know who I am"

Warbow:"Yes, that is a mystery, you jackass." (Shaking his head and turning

They stood in confusion as I had to explain to these two what fame
inside the world of Halo was. I even explained why the new Halo 2 video had
a "yellow" warthog was for me. They said they were working on the next
episode for BGC and the next thing they knew they were here. Then I caught
them up to speed on how I got here along with the rest of the gang too.
Warbow was tapping me on the shoulder and muttering something about our
position. I continued talking but realized he was right. We were on Blood
Gulch. Up in the darkness behind the red warp exit. I was looking out and
could see most of the valley. to my left the caves and to my right that long
ledge to the blue cave side. I was trying to get them to understand and come
along and help us find Louis when 2 more guys came running up screaming!

Jason:"RUN!!!! RUN!!!!"

Skav:"Hey I think that's tucker, (turning to Warbow) he's my favorite!"

We all jumped behind the same big rock and stood quiet. I could hear the
engines of a tank nearby. We were all bunched together. I was nose to nose
with jason.
Jason/Tucker:"Matt? What are you doing here?"

SKAV:"Tucker, I mean Jason, I AM NOT MATT! I keep telling everyone....."

Jason/Tucker (interrupting):"Hey don't get all pissed off at me you F***tard,
I leave for a minute and come back and your standing here with Burnie, and
you look like Matt"

WAR:"Whats that noise? That's a different sound"

I peeked around the rock and saw the Scorpion scanning around slowly.

SKAV:"It's the turret. He's turning around looking for us......"

WAR:"What? The turret doesn't make any noise when it turns."

Skav:"Well Warboy! Today it does, And it isn't supposed to be this freaking
hot, but I am all about going to die out here in this heat"

GUS/Simmons:"Man are you out of shape, we only ran like 20 feet and now
we're standing in the shade. Your sweating like a hog"

Skav:"Don't you mean a Puma?"


SKAV:"Nevermind, just Leave me alone"

All at once there was a shot that fired from the tank. The concussion of it
hitting the rock that we were behind knocked us all over. The sound in that
canyon rang around the walls at least 4 times. I couldn't hear a word anyone
was saying. Just a bunch of heads nodding up and down. When my hearing came
back our new friends calling each other names and deciding how best to take
out the tank.I grabbed Warbow by the arm.

SKAV:"Dude, let's run for that cave and get to the blue base."

WAR:"Skav, have you ever played a game when a tank was right here on the
grassy knoll and made it across that ledge?.......Ever?"

skav:"It not as easy to hit someone there as you think..just keep running"

Everyone just stood there and looked at me. Not a word was spoken.

WAR:"Yea, maybe with you shooting....But even a monkey could make that shot..........Go ahead Skav, tote your fat ass out there and see what happens........."

Burnie/Church:"OK, we run for the cave on our left...everyone on 3...."

Just then a jet sound came rocketing over the cliffs. Followed by the sound
of bombs being dropped and explosions....more and more...these guys
scattered. One into the cave, 2 right at the tank firing, and one guy across
the ledge I wanted to go for.

SKAV:"See! look where he's going." I pointed showing Warbow that there
leader was going my way.

Just then the tank spun around and faced the 2 running at it. the turret
spun around at full speed to engage them. As it whipped by it toosed a shell
right at Burnie/Church running across the ledge. It killed him dead!

WAR:"See? he didn't even have to aim it was such an easy shot"

I stopped for a moment and looked over at Burnie while he died, I must say
he died with more odd noise than a man should even be able to make. I turned
and Warbow was tossing plasmas into the air. I could see a Pelican circling
above. He was trying to get its attention to land for us. The two fighting
the tank had managed to split up and were confusing the automatic tageting
sequence. I could see the elite inside the tank arguing with the tutorial
program. Covenant drop ships filled the sky over the Gulch.

Warbow:"Well, that's something you don't see everyday in Blood Gulch"

Skav:"What the hell.....this is a multiplayer map..what are they doing
here??? NOTHING SACRED!!!"

They covered the ground in rotations so precise the Blue Angels would be
proud. Within seconds the whole valley was covered with swords and shields.
A line of Hunters was on the ridge across the valley.

A warthog pulled up with some blue guys and a wave of red guys came over the
rise. They were all firing. A covie battle cry let out and it was on! This
was a mess. The valley floor was filling with shells of all sizes and there
was Warbow, still trying to save our asses. Well, at least his. Wouldn't you
know the damn Pelican landed behind the red base all the way at the
top....and sorta crashed landed at that.

SKAV:"What the hell is wrong with that pilot? If he is here to get us then
why land there? Why not pick a normal spot?"

WAR:"It is on autopilot. I used plasma grenades to activate its visual
receptors and caused it to land in an auto sequence>"

SKAV:"What? How did you know it wouldn't land off the map someplace?"

WAR:"I didn't, now shut up and keep running and shooting you dumbass"

The smoke was thick and the concussions of the explosions were making me sick
inside. I never felt anything that loud since the Zeppelin concert with
Louis back in 1973.We kept running. As I dove behind the bush at the R.L. I
saw a guy holding a dead elite by the ankles and literally bashing people
over the head with his body. This guy was huge. he didn't seem overly bright
though. He dropped the elite as the R.L. appeared, loaded it, and turned at

SKAV:"Woa!!..... friend!! ......Easy haas! ......That was amazing!"

Hawk: Learned it in the core in when I joined in 78' got out in 86', but
this was too good to pass up! So here I am.

Skav:" Just be carefull there dude, it's hard to tell whose side you're on?"

Hawk:"Sides? I was playin FFA when I got sucked in here."

Skav:"Well, be that as it may, I am on your team, so if you kill me it
counts against you...ok?"

Looking confused, he decided against killing me and turned to fight with a
group of pink colored guys. They all turned on him and beat him to a bloody
pulp. Each one kicked him as he lay there and chanted something about
"Keeping his big mouth shut when told to" They all had patches and matching
shirts that said 'TDT'.I told myself..."Hawk... joined 78.. left in
86...died today.... for not listening...mental note...." I fought my way on
to the first hill half way to the red base. I found myself down on one knee
ducking next to Tucker.

SKAV:"Dude,here's the plan, let's get to that Pelican and then you can fly
us out of here while I cover with the SR! OK?"

Jason/Tucker:"Just for the record,I hate plans, secondly I can't even load
the Rocket launcher what the hell makes you think I can fly that thing?"
"And lastly, you haven't hit a thing with that rifle since I met you, so all
in all...... I'd say your plan sucks."

I corrected that part of history by laying the butt end of my rifle to his
head. Out he went."Guess I hit somethin' now didn't I?"I looked up and just
before Dizzy got planted into the canyon wall by a stray rocket from KP, he
managed a sarcastic "Nice! You actually hit something!" Just before the
rocket struck. I needed to get out of this whole scene. Ever since I met up
with those guys my memories of Blood gulch would never be the same. I needed
to go. I picked up my pace through the ever growing debris of bodies and
ammo, I caught a glimpse of Nick off in a corner. "I wonder how he go there
so fast?" He was surounded and had no weapon. Oh well, I guess he could
debate them to death. And just as I was a few feet from the door to the red
base, guess who appeared?????

Skav:"Sleaz! Man! Is it good to see you, how did you ever get.............."

'THUD'The side of his assault rifle hit my head hard.

El Sleazbagano:(looking down at me regainig my senses)"Man Skav, I warned
you! Didn't I? My name is pronounced.....'

'THUD,THUD,THUD' The pistol whipping he took from Warbow actually made my
head hurt less.

WAR:"OK, here we go...out the back, you me and Airboy. You cover...Airboy
fly's us........... and I lead! Let's get out of this crazy mixed up place."
"Skav, put down that SR unless your holding it for me. And try to keep up
this time"

We got to the back of the base, it wasn't a pretty site. While standing in
the doorway a Covenant Dropship crashed right on us! The sparks were flying
and that blue shield looking thing buzzed and made the fillings in my teeth
hurt til the power went off. We ran for the hills and the rounds were whizzing
by out of nowhere. When we got to the top of the hill we came up to the
Pelican. All at once a shell hit and rocks came down. Airboy lost his
footing and went sliding down. "Man, haven't you been here before???/ Geeez
dude you can't all the way up on that side anyways....go left!!! Go
left!!!", I yelled. Warbow was throwing cover fire in all directions as
Airboy scrambled up the hill again. He got within a hands grasp of me, when
a rifle round stood him straight up and his eyes went open in disbelief. I
grabbed him by the shirt and tried to pull him into the Pelican.

Warbow:"He's dead, for get him! Let's go you fly!"

Skav:"WHAT?!?! I can't"

WARBOW:"Sit and fly or were both dead, they're coming!!!!"

I took a quick look out the window. Sure as shit, half the soldiers were
moving in, tanks and all. I jumped into the seat, and strapped myself in.

SKAV:"(yelling above the shots hitting the hull) "There's no
controls!.........What do I do?"

WAR:"There has to be something to fly us out!"

I looked again then rubbed my eyes. There was a big long button about 12
inches wide and about 2 inches thick and it said "space" right in the
middle. A tanks shell almost disloged us and I yelled..."There is ONE BIG
BUTTON, and it says 'space..."

WAR:"Press it now...who cares what it does."

I looked back and Warbow had an elite at his back holding him around the
neck and a Hunter in front about ready to strike. He kicked the Hunter in
the nuts and he doubled over with a scream that would wake the dead. He then
took a deep breath and bent over FWD and tossed the elite onto the spikes of
the green faced Hunter. they both stood up and the unexpected extra weight
sent the Hunter tumbling down the pelicans ramp.

WARBOW: "May we f**king go now please....?"

Warbow was now fighting hand to hand on the ramp of the Pelican. I closed my
eyes and hit the button. The pelican went full thrust....and I mean FULL
THROTTLE grinding and scraping against the rock. Slowly coming up the 2
rocks and turning us toward the long end of the canyon. We broke loose and
jolted up in the air about 25 feet. The lunge of the Pelican foreword pulled
me away from the space bar button. As my fingers left the button the engines
stopped, I felt the nose come over and we slammed down onto the hillside and
began a very heavy slide down.We buried ten men on impact I figured and the
others scattered like rats from a sinking ship. The tank turned and fired
point blank! The driver died instantly (dumbass) and we drove that scorpion
right in to the back of the red base like sqaushing a pepsi can. Hitting the
wall of the red base made Warbow lose his grip and come sailing into the
cockpit. His anger and my fear met and I hit the bar again. Once more the
engines roared away. Up over the base we went and up to the sky.

WAR:"Let off! Let off! We'll crash into the top of the level!

I let go. ............ and down we went....straight down.

WAR:"Man, even us out a bit!"

SKAV:"I can't! This stupid thing is either on or off. The controls suck ass!
And there is no left or right! Just one big freakin' bar for go or stop!
What wannabe gamer made these controls anyways! GEEEEEEEEEEEZ!"

So as I gained a little control over this dolphin motion of up and down, we
came to the end of the canyon past the blue base. Everyone and their brother
was shooting anything and everything at us like they had never seen a
Pelican fly overhead and just felt the urge to try and see if they could
bring it down...."Rookies" My mouth dropped open and I started for the rear
door...... Warbow sat my ass back down and sad.."Just go for it!..You can do
this..." So into the side of the cliff we went, into a jagged cave with rock
formations and colors of grey I had never seen. man, I just wanted to be

SKAV:"I swear to god..Louis or no Louis. If I get the chance I am so outta

WARBOW:"Just shut-up and drive"

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