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Re: Can anyone make sense out of this?
Posted By: hipboyscott <>Date: 8/4/03 2:02 p.m.

In Response To: Can anyone make sense out of this? (Simpsons Rule)

when something enters a black hole, it reaches the speed of light, and time slows down for the approaching object to anyone observing from afar. it slows down bit by bit as it approaches the event horizon, or, the point of no return where light is not powerful enough to push out, and basically the object's actions slow down until they stand still. the objects is most likely stretched to extremely long wavelenghs and basically, becomes radiation. if the signal hit, then it would be forzen on the event-horizon, or, the radiation remnant (it would appear as though radiaion had come there (as in tracing a bullet to it's origin) so that scientist would know it was from the black hole) and so basicsally, whatever hit the black hole did it, that 40,000 years ago.

now that I think about it, I believe that it may not be a Black hole, but a Worm hole. they look exactly the same on the surfce, like a natural cave, and a natural tunnel, the differnce being that the tunnel has a way out.

my reasoning is thus; a black hole comes in to flavors, more or less, normal, and supermassive. a normal black hole is smaller (roughly three suns of mass, and squished to about 12 miles in diameter) and floats about the galaxy. it does have an accrecion disk, but a temporary one that is caused as a direct action of sucking in something like a star or planet. Supermassive black holes are larger, thousands of suns worth of mass, and the hole itself can be bigger then a normal, sun sized star. these bahemoths are the ones with huge mostly permanent accrecion disks because their gravitational influence is over a much larger range. they are the ones that have giant jets of gas emminating many lightyears from the poles out into space. the thing about these are that they often are large enugh to avoid sphaghettiafication, which is common with the normal ones. the phenomena occurs when the gravity on one part of an object is much greater and strecthes the object beyond all recognition (meaning it wouldn't freeze a comprehensible message as the one from Halo) it also does not do well for use as a worm hole device since you would have strings coming through the other side, not large ring-worlds. Suermassive black holes avoid this, and thus something that goes in SHOULD come out roughly intact. and it is not beyond plausability that someone capable of creating something like halo could produce the nescessary 'exotic-matter' required to support a wormhole's inside. Thus, evidence points to the fact that the blackhole is a supermassive black hole, and if it's explored in the games at all, it makes sence as that would be much grander a scene than hovering over a big black nothing.

so if that's is the case, It is quite plausible that the forerunner were basically sitting in the Milky way, doing research or preparing something for whomever they ran before (the covenant possibly) so, they basically used this wormhole for instant acess between galaxies, and when halo had to fire the first time (for flood, or something else) the forerunners who were on Halo may have decided to send a transmission to their home somewhere else in the universe that would let them know that the milky way was being cleansed (like posting a message that your setting off bug-bombs in your house so no-one goes inside) before they left the galaxy (leaving the monitor to play watch-dog while they stay away) now. there opens up some situations here.

first, the forerunners got their message out, left the MW, and are waiting to return.

seacond, the forerunners got their message out, left the MW, and they sent the covenant to inhabit the galaxy (as in, they may have been sterilising the galaxy before injecting covenant into the galaxy (a pet project, or something not-dissimilar to the flood? or just to re-inhabit the empty star cluster?)

now, this could mean that this black hole is a more integral part of the story universe. this acts as a portal between the milky way and the forerunner's home, and thus would be important.

or, anthoer thought has struck me. since it's possible that the pusle had more information than the location of Halo 04, then it could have been firing codes to the other Halos in our galaxy. maybie that's how to keep the flood from spreading, by using wormholes to get the information to the other halos fast.

so, that would mean the signal would basically be telling the other halos "flood have been released at instalation 04, fire weapons now"

by the time the flood got anywhere away from 04, the other halos are done blasting life away.

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