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Upcoming Bungie Stupfh
Posted By: Bachus <>Date: 11/24/99 1:17 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Matt (or Nathan)? (Matt)

> Thank you, thank you, you've been beautiful. I'll be appearing
> all next week at the Catskills.

When's the Letterman appearance?

> Halo is rocking along. Some of the Bungie West guys are here in
> Chicago for meetings and secret-sharing and whatnot. One of the
> super-secret projects you guys don't know about yet is beginning
> to roll in earnest. And that damn #2 thing is on the verge of
> being ready for prime time.

So, checking the list of unreleased Bungie stuff, We've got Chimera, #2, and two other projects. Chimera's out. #2 is coming soon, but not too soon. One project is really getting up to speed, and one final one is apparently in planning. Doug has said that they have more to announce this year, but that was before Chimera and the codex, so the year may be all dryed up as to new news.

MacWorld is coming soon, but three announced yet unreleased projects seems like a bit much. So, I'm not expecting a new game in January, just an Oni demo and possibly a playable version of Halo, I hope.

Okay, knowing Bungie's typical schedule of releasing games, this is what I'm seeing in the future:

Dec 1999, Jan 2000 - #2 Announced and released

Jan. 2000 - Oni demo

Feb. 2000 - Oni release

March 2000 - Halo demo

April 2000 - Halo released

Winter 2000 - First unreleased game announced

Late Fall 2000 - First unreleased game demo

December 2000 - First unreleased game released

Late Summer, Fall 2000 - Second unreleased game announced

Spring 2001 - Second unreleased game demo and release

July 4th 2004 - Marathon: The Movie

Winter 2004 - Marathon 4: Yll'a'Nif

None of these dates are confirmed, so don't go quoting me. I don't have all sorts of inside info like Hamish and Steve. As you can see, I'm not expecting #2 to be a game, but rather something we've all been wanting for a very long time. My wish is that it is the Marathon Infinity source, but that is highly unlikely. Maybe it's a new Marathon scenario to play ala Chimera. Don't go disappointing me Bungie. I've been stocking up on pitchforks and torches.

> What else would you like to know?

Why can't I get any Tang? When are you guys making the Marathon action figure line: including Marine with shooting SPNKR, Pfhor fighter with projectile energy staff, exploding assimilated BOB, and Drinniol with punching "bitch-slap" action? Who is the Webmaster? Can I work at Bungie so I can get chicks? When is the Ming Choi going to have a location in LA? Is Bill Gates really Satan in disguise? Where's my 3D first-person Gnop 2?



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