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What is the meaning of life? :) (nt)
Posted By: Mojo <>Date: 11/22/99 3:21 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Matt (or Nathan)? (Matt)

> Bungie is working just fine. Everyone's looking forward to
> eating Turkey on Thursday, with the exception of the
> vegetarians, and the people who wonder what we have against the
> Turks that would move us to cannibalism.

> <rimshot>

> Thank you, thank you, you've been beautiful. I'll be appearing
> all next week at the Catskills.

> We are always watching. I haven't posted much in the last week
> due to being busy with a great deal of thinking and writing
> along with the usual meetings and email, but that's just about
> over. For now, anyway.

> Halo is rocking along. Some of the Bungie West guys are here in
> Chicago for meetings and secret-sharing and whatnot. One of the
> super-secret projects you guys don't know about yet is beginning
> to roll in earnest. And that damn #2 thing is on the verge of
> being ready for prime time.

> What else would you like to know?

> -Matt

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