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Re: Matt (or Nathan)?
Posted By: Jägermeister <>Date: 11/22/99 1:32 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Matt (or Nathan)? (Matt)

> Bungie is working just fine. Everyone's looking forward to
> eating Turkey on Thursday, with the exception of the
> vegetarians, and the people who wonder what we have against the
> Turks that would move us to cannibalism.


...that bungie sense of humor...;)

> <rimshot>

> Thank you, thank you, you've been beautiful. I'll be appearing
> all next week at the Catskills.

> We are always watching. I haven't posted much in the last week
> due to being busy with a great deal of thinking and writing
> along with the usual meetings and email, but that's just about
> over. For now, anyway.

> Halo is rocking along. Some of the Bungie West guys are here in
> Chicago for meetings and secret-sharing and whatnot. One of the
> super-secret projects you guys don't know about yet is beginning
> to roll in earnest. And that damn #2 thing is on the verge of
> being ready for prime time.

> What else would you like to know?

Yeah, is Mark Levin (aka Have Blue), the winner of the "secret goodies" in the "Spot the Errors in the Marathon Scrapbook contest" being used as a catalyst to introduce event #2? Is it one of his secret goodies? Is THAT why he hasn't recieved it on the day he was supposed to get it? IS IT? ;)

Chanting, "Marathon stuff, Marathon stuff, Marathon stuff..."
(: Jägermeister :)

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