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Instant Gratification
Posted By: Butcher <>Date: 11/18/99 3:12 p.m.

In Response To: What's happened to our beloved Bungie?? (Jägermeister)

> First off, am I to understand that the PC Action and PC Games
> movies are two different movies? If so, then because of no web
> distribution, we Americans aren't going to get to see the PC
> Action movie EVER, and the Europeans won't get to see the
> American movie? That doesn't really seem fair to either party...
> ...anyway, I think this whole limit on web distribution
>'s not like the game isn't FARTHER into developement
> than it used to be (this is why bungie didn't want the first oni
> movie distributed). It forces people to buy a mag for ONE
> article in it (this being a PC mag, I doubt there will be
> anything else in it we Mac users will find worth buying), and
> cuts those who DON'T buy it out of the loop.
> What gives? This is NOT standard Bungie-like THIS
> the effect Take 2 is having on them? Woe is me, I hope not!

Jagermeister, stop whining. This is totally standard behaviour from any company that has a hotly anticipated product - they publicise it through different channels at different times, to increase the amount of interest in the community. And note that I do *not* mean the web-forum regulars by that term. I mean the entire spectrum of people involved in the game industry, from magazine editors to webmasters to distributors to end-users.

Bungie are by no means slighting you or being unfair by not making impromptu press footage available on the web. There is a very simple reason for this - the previous Halo trailer made an exceptionally big splash and was very widely distributed. If Bungie allow a lower-quality movie to be released, one with poor image quality and random gameplay rather than a polished presentation of the game, then they will start to get negative reactions from the people who were formerly impressed by the high quality of the previous trailer.

And, I'll wager, they will get their loyal fans complaining about the movie on any web forum that they can get their hands on.

"What's happened to our beloved Halo??"

- Butcher

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