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New game possibility
Posted By: Distant <>Date: 7/6/99 5:31 p.m.

I was thinking... a bad thing to do, I know, but I always was the rebelious type...

Bungie denys that they are making another Marathon game; Quite a bit of evidence points to Cortana as being part of the same universe/plotline as our old friends Durandal and such from Marathon (not to mention that they are done in the same style);

There is evidence from Bungie that Cortania is part of a new game. All this is known, but contradictory.

What if bungie simply means that they will not be making another first person shooter where you play the Marine from Marathon. What if, in the new game codenamed "Blam" you play the part of a rampant AI? A new game interface intirely where we continue the Marathon plot from the perspective of one who is a peer of Durandal, Thoth, Leela, and Tycho?

It's just a thought. I've been wanting to see such a game for years. I can't remember if I ever mentioned it to anyone... the conspiricy continues. There is no tru7h, we just pick our favorite li3s.


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