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Re: HTML nitty-gritty
Posted By: mad.max <>Date: 10/25/99 2:16 p.m.

In Response To: HTML nitty-gritty (Noctavis =PN=)

> Hrm... You could E-mail them to me or something... or transfer
> them via ICQ. I'm really curious now. Maybe it's something
> basic.

I would, but the problem is that my Mac in my room has no Internet or Ethernet connection, as the rooms have not yet been upgraded properly. I could try using a zip to get it on here, and then eMailing, but the ONE Zip machine is always in use!

> Often when I end up banging my head against my monitor for a few
> days on a problem it turns out to be something I didn't know
> about or something elementary that I missed.

SOOO True. A friend and I spent LITERALLY two days on this one massive and complex table (it was actually a table template, so we had to make sure it worked everywhere) and it turned out to be ONE little missing width attribute right in the middle, on an irrelevant tag. Grrr.

> Hrm... I don't use AGIFs extremely often, simply because they
> tend to annoy a lot of people, but I've never had that problem.

Actually, the GIF I was refering to is actually about a year old. I am trying to get the money together to buy myself a copy of Flash.

> What AGIF editor were you using? I tend to use the ones by
> Microsoft, Ulead and MicroGrafx (built into Picture Publisher)

A Mac shareware one, the name of which I can't remember, but it was given 95% and the like in various reviews I read.

> Nomargin?

marginwidth=0 marginheight=0

> Aye.... I tend to prefer HoTMetaL Pro 5. I am a very visual
> person, and like to see what I'm working on while I build it,
> but it offers three different views: WYSIWYG, text (handy for me
> to geet elbows-deep into some of the stuff I'm coding), and a
> hybrid tags view (my favorite)

Yeah, Cyberstudio does that too (I don't think there is a Mac HoTMetaL Pro), but I don't like the way WYSIWYG editors screw up your code. They always throw in tons of irrelevant lines and stuff, and also the layout they use sucks!! (If you want to see what I mean by tidy source code, check out

> Actually... maybe we should just dump both browsers and have the
> W3C generate their own. ;-)


> Heh... it would take a hell of a lot to top that interview. I do
> most of my posting at the Core.

I can't access the Core. It's not fair. I'll try again now. (I'm about 2 weeks behind on their forums too. ARRGGGHHH!!)


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