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Re: I think it's nix editors.
Posted By: Dispatcher <>Date: 10/2/99 8:35 p.m.

In Response To: I think it's Mars (SiliconDream)

> Certainly sounds like a Mars reference to me; but in that case,
> what's wrong with Earth? Hey, do you know anything about what
> Halo editors might come out with the game? What am I saying, of
> course you do. But would you like to say anything about it?
> Personally, I know quite a few high school physics teachers who
> would kill to have a game like Halo on which to demonstrate the
> wonders of Newton, if they could change objects' masses and
> moments of inertia and surface friction at will.

> --SiliconDream

Goto Marathons Story Page to see that Mars is idea already discussed, say in the last week.

Editors? I'd expect Bungie to license the engine (and editors) for a while before releasing theirs. They'd also likely need to port them from, say, one platform to another :-) .

But yes, the editors would be fun.

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