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Re: Game Length.
Posted By: Ben Schodek <>Date: 10/1/99 4:16 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Game Length. (CapnPyro)

> I dont think thatll work to well... good concept though,
> supposedly they are trying to make a persistent Jane's combat
> game. I dont think it would work for a game like this because
> what happens when a couple of players drop? The teams become in
> balanced say 10-4. All of a sudden its a land slide, the other
> team gets hit bad, everythings wiped out, without the ability to
> start anew those 4 players arent going to feel to up to it,
> theyll probably drop. Or what would happen late at night when
> noone is on? Everything would just come to a stand still, the
> eastern front all of a sudden takes a 8 hour nap till more
> troops come in? :) I think 30min games are a good length, maybe
> 20 or 25 min. That way everyone plays, everyone contributes, and
> all of the players stay there throughout the match, and if they
> do drop it wont be *as much* as a burden as a really long game.
> Maybe if Halo has a larger world with more objectives to
> complete, the matches might take up to 45 mins. Oh yeah, and I
> want to see the different enviroments, rotate the levels a lil
> =)

> Also, there couldnt be an island that big, Halo takes place on a
> giant ring world =)

> -CapnPyro-

Team imballance just wont be that much of a problem. If youv ever played TFC, youl know more or less what I mean. Yes, sometimes the teams are imbalanced, but after minit or 2 either more players will join the game, or the people on the larger team will switch to make things fair. Worked fine if you asked me. The thing I hated most about TFC is the games were short. I would spend like 10 min trying to log on to the damn server, and play for five minits before the host iether decided to change the map, or quit. This remeains the most frusterating thing in any computer game I have played. All making permanent servers would do is eliminate this problem. You wouldn't ever have to worry about having the map change on you five minits after you join a game, and you wouldn't have to worry about the host deciding to quit, or ban you, because its on a bungie run permanent server. You could play as long as you wanted too. Again, I've never bin in a game where the teams have remained imbalenced for too long... People are more or less generally good at changing teams if things become unfair for one team or the other...

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