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yeah, sounds good.
Posted By: Ben Schodek <>Date: 10/1/99 4:07 p.m.

In Response To: Game Length. (Hippieman)

> Ok,

> I don' t remember anyone addressing this yet, but how long will
> a game of Halo last? I mean some people envision maybe 30 min
> games, but I was thinking like 6 week long games. You know
> players come, players go, but the war wages on. (Start all new
> players in the bases, and you go to war). I mean it would be
> more interesting. Of course I also envision the levels being
> VERY VERY VERY Big. Like a small island. Weather this has been
> addressed or not, what do you guys think?

> -Hip

Yeah, you could have games like this go on forever. This would of coarse require bungie to have their own servers and stuff... I doubt any player hosted games could go on for that long... Yeah, i think that would be cool.

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