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Re: Maybe Matt could help us with this....
Posted By: Adobe Riskbreaker <>Date: 6/3/00 11:20 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Maybe Matt could help us with this.... (Travis)

> Actually, I have nothing against Halo. I'm just frustrated that
> everyone is so excited about this game when essentially nothing
> is known about it.

OK, I can agree with you there, though at HBO many of us probably know more about the game than the rest of the world only because we've played through the Marathon series. It looks like Halo will take place in the Marathon universe; therefore we have reason to believe it will follow in Marathon's footsteps. But Halo gameplay itself hasn't been seen yet. Hopefully this will be resolved after the E3 movie comes out- if it's as impressive as it's supposed to be, then many more people will be clamoring for gameplay footage and Bungie will hopefully comply. But we'll see.

Especially in terms of gameplay. I don't see
> how the game is going to played, just from looking at the screen
> shots. It seems to me that those screen shots would have to be
> from a cut-scene, unless they have Resident Evil like controls.
> I agree with you in that the PC market is plagued with crappy
> FPS titles. Not to mention the spin-offs of these crappy FPS
> titles. Ever since Doom, developers think that all PC consumers
> want is FPS.
> That's some shit. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but it was late
> at night and I wanted to see what kind of reaction I could get
> from y'all.

Nah, you didn't hurt my feelings. You post flamebait, you get flames; plain and simple.

> I have the demo for Ground Control and I must say its a very
> good game.

Indeed. Myth meets StarCraft with better graphics than both, for what that's worth.

> Anyways, Halo looks like it COULD come together to be a great
> game.
> It could also be the most hyped up piece of shit ever.

Same with Black and White, Deus Ex, Diablo II (though after playing the beta I seriously doubt this), Warcraft III, etc.... pick a game, put it in there. The fact is that we won't have an opinion of a game until we get to play it.

> The major factor is that Bungie releases this game while the
> graphics are still ahead of the industry.

Graphics only mean so much. It's Halo as a game that will make it or break it; graphics alone won't do it. Compare Half-Life to Quake III if you don't believe me. Quake III, to date, has a better graphics engine than almost any other game on the market; in contrast Half-Life uses the old Quake engine. But Half-Life has much more to offer in terms of gameplay than Quake III; you get an excellent single-player mission, plus TFC and Counter-Strike among other great mods. But in the beginning it was Half-Life as a game that made it so popular- great AI, great story, great presentation, great level design... everything.

The same goes for Messiah; you could Quake III with Messiah in that last paragraph. Bringing this all back to Halo... we come back around to this- by now we know Halo has what is potentially the most powerful game engine ever created. But in the end we want to use it to play games, and that means, what we want to see now is gameplay. And I don't think there's a soul on this board that would disagree.

God, I'm meandering so much on this one... OK, my point is that your sentence seems to imply Bungie should rush this one out the door because its graphics will sell the game. The fact that we're all clamoring for more gameplay information now, though, proves that we're even more interested in the gameplay aspects- after all, graphics can only hold our attention for so long. Bungie should make sure they've got a killer GAME on their hands before they release Halo- not just a killer graphics engine. Because while in magazine previews and MPEGs, it will be the graphics that amaze us... in the end, the game itself is all that will matter. Screenshots, QuickTime movies, they don't sell games. Games sell games.

I'm waiting for a
> playable demo. When I get one I'll have some more gripes about
> the game and I'll be sure to share them with you. I don't
> appreciate your lack of respect for me in your response to my
> message.

You post a respectful message, you get a respectful response. You come on here and you post flamebait, I'm going to take you to school, son. Such is humanity.

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