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Re: I doubt it's a fighter...
Posted By: Br'fin <>Date: 4/7/00 12:20 p.m.

In Response To: Re: I doubt it's a fighter... (Maxaminus)

> I have the feeling that its some kind of human drop ship. It is
> dubious that a ship as large as the pillar of autumn would ever
> be intended to land (where would you set it down?) and that a
> few of these ships escaped the POA's destruction. If there are
> alot of these things it may help explain how so many people, and
> so much equipment, survived.

I concur.

Actually, that makes sense too. I think the only anomaly is what is a what the
Pillar of Autmun was doing with such a large contingent of marines on it. Hmm,
maybe before the battle they'd been using their forces to evacuate a ground

Anyhow, the PoA seems like it was equipped to be a mother ship for a ground
assault force. What with all those marines and supplies on it. For a ground
assault force you probably want collections of drop ships ala Starship
Troopers (the movie since I've not read the book) ie, in one fell swoop the
majority of your non-space oriented forces can be launched and dropped down to
the ground.

You probably don't have time for one to be making round trips to ferry all of
your forces down.

Hmm, interesting scene.

Upon the Pillar of Autumn, the klaxons had progressed beyond the battle
stations warning that had resulted in the marines buckling into their spots in
the drop ships to full evacuation. Hand picked teams were doing their best to
cram every non-military person and any other non-military issue equipment they
might need into the dropships whereever there was space.

Around them was the woosh and shaking of the Pillar of Autumn. Oner after
another as they filled up and squeeze on no more, the hiss of releasing locks
would fill the hangar, and another drop ship in a steady stream of such ships
would be catapulted from the great ship's bays. Keeping the PoA and the Halo
between them and the Covenant as they angled out towards their respective
drop zones on the ring.

Decisions had been made, orders given. A single camp was deemed too dangerous,
each drop ship was to spread out with their contingent of 30 men and whatever
vehicles would fit. As well as whatever civilians they could carry. Getting
their crew down to the ground, and if possible remaining to provide cover fire.

The Covenant's beams lashed out, not all drop ships made it. Some would crash,
others in balls of flame over the surface of the Halo. And even then the
Marines didn't give up hope. Most of them and their equipment already fitted
for parachute drops into terrain drop ships couldn't land in.

And thus was the vastness of the Pillar of Autumns crew seeded across Halo's
heavenly ring.

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