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Weapons, orientation, and other questions
Posted By: Stephen WhiteDate: 4/6/00 4:04 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Better shot of mystery ship... (Mark Levin)

> I think we can almost certainly say this is a human ship now...
> The better scan reveals that it's mostly straight lines,
> corners, and plain metal.


> The "pods" all have small holes in the
> "back", all pointing the same way... Could these be
> the main engines? Which would mean the ship is pointing away
> from us.

To my mind, the larger round objects on the distant left wing look more like main engines. I think these smaller holes all over the ship are more likely guns (but why then would they be facing backwards?)

Also note how the ship is clearly arched in the middle portion. Thus when lying flat on the ground, vehicles could easy drive through the empty space in the middle and on to loading ramp (in the direction of the red light.) Do you suppose that a similar ramp could open up on the other side of this arch, allowing both sides of the ship to be loaded up? Or could a vehicle be driven inside the ship over this arch and into the other portion of the ship?

On a different note, how do you suppose the passengers will experience being aboard the ship? Will they stuck with the camera 3 feet behind their back, or will they be treated to an exterior view of the ship? Perhaps it will be optional. Clearly the pilot needs the exterior view, but those inside might wish to communicate with hand signals, or swap weapons, or some such.

Any thoughts?


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