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Re: I think I _actually_ know
Posted By: noddy99 <>Date: 3/5/00 4:57 p.m.

In Response To: I think I _actually_ know (jcampen)

> I would guess it's the infamous "cup" that they
> mentioned so much in the walkthrough of the bwest offices. (I
> have no idea what the weird logo at the top is - 4 are marathon
> logos but the other is not so common). It looks a lot like the
> trophy from last year's Bungie picnic (they had pics up a while
> ago but I forget the exact url and I would bet the link is long
> gone).

Could be.. but don't those figures look like the two Halo races? Halo is, after all, tied in with Marathon in some way. I don't know... very mysterious, especially that weird-looking midle symbol.

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