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Re: Armor
Posted By: Bachus <>Date: 12/9/99 10:00 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Armor (Matt)

> Armor was the initial code name for what eventually became Halo.
> We worried that boring-but-palatable "Armor" might end
> up as the final name of the game if we couldn't come up with
> anything better (as had "Marathon" and
> "Myth"). So we switched to Blam and/or Monkey Nuts so
> we'd be forced to come up with a better name before we shipped.
> Besides, the game had changed so dramatically from when it was
> first envisioned that a change of name was in order.

Boy. I was just about to post my idea that Armor was really Halo. Matt beats me to it. : )

"Monkey Nuts"?



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