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Re: Someone at Incite gets it...
Posted By: CyberNatas <>Date: 12/6/99 11:24 a.m.

In Response To: Someone at Incite gets it... (Louis Wu)

> With the release of Unreal Tournament, and the eventual releases
> of Quake III: Arena, Team Fortress2: Brotherhood of Arms, and
> Tribes 2, it seems safe to say that the gaming concept du jour
> is the multiplayer-only, first-person shooter.

I'd kinda have to disagree with this statement. It seems more like the FPS genre is diverging, rather than gunning for multiplayer only. If look back at E3, games like "Dues Ex", "No One Lives Forever", and "Amen: The Awakening" are promising large, in-depth stories. While I don't know how they'll compare against Marathon's story, they are promising a heck of a lot.


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