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The Shrike

Messages Posted (The HBO Forum Archive): 22
Most Recent Post: 1/17/00 4:27 p.m.

The Shrike is a moniker picked up from the Hyperion series of books by Dan Simmons. Winner of both the Hugo and Nebula awards, Hyperion is one of the finest pieces of sci-fi literature known to man. The fact that it is really only a prelude to The Fall of Hyperion just goes to show how clever clever writing can be. Clever.

First utilized during the early-Quake era, The Shrike soon came to be known and feared among those that frequented Meta-Quake game servers, and his ability with the Shock Trooper class left many in small, bloody pieces. At the height of his career, The Shrike received some $25 in order to join up with a clan for one, crucial battle (seriously, some fool actually paid me).

The Shrike is always willing to offer professional advice (as a tutor, a Quality Assurance Technician, and an actor) to curious gamers, performers, or wandering slime-molds.

The Shrike is also on the side of logic in any dispute, and will readily switch sides purely to play devil's advocate to some poorly conceived argument.

Look for The Shrike in the upcoming movie, Death and Texas , and no, he won't tell you which one he is. Also appearing in "The Fix" with Robert Patrick, David Paymer, and Leslie Hope. Of course, "The Fix" is a short, so unless you frequent film festivals, you probably won't see it or even hear about it.

You can now find The Shrike on Xbox Live as "the One Shrike" so look for me in the Halo 2 leaderboards (near the last page with the rest of the level 5 guys).

The Shrike is also in the clan, the NightShftRydrz, which is all people from his work, testing video games. So don't feel bad if we beat you, we're professionals.

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