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Dial #2 and the Pattern of Arithmetic

Posted By: Mav <web_tester226@yahoo.com>
Date: 5 June 2001, 22:30

Hey all,

Here's something interesting about Dial #2 that I just found out...don't think it's been said before, but if it has, please let me know! ; ) It doesn't make any sense to me, but it does seem to be part of some partial pattern I'm noticing.

I'm gonna need some strong verification on this, but I'll take a leap of faith that the shaded bar in Dial #2 is exactly 7/10 pixels.

I'm gonna assume under that oh-so-wonderful KISS principle that we read the bar as logically 7/10 full. Simplicity rules! : )

Ok, so then, let's also assume that "32" is the present reading of the bar. So, the reading of the full bar could be 32 / 0.7 = 45 5/7.

True, that's an ugly number to deal with ; ). BUT...if we express the sum as an improper fraction...32 / 0.7 or 32 / (7/10) = 320/7. Nicer.

Coincidentally, if we take these numbers from the dial and do a little math, we get this...

[(67+13+48) x 25] / 70 = 3200/70 = 320/7 = 45 5/7 (!!!)

Granted, I have no clue what this means. But here's what I have so far...

1) Assuming the center symbol of Dial #7 is Mayan for 74, 4 numbers within the dial add up to 74.

2) Assuming the letters in Dial #4 stand for 137 (again, using simplest-solution theory), 6 numbers within the dial add up to 137.

3) We have to do a bit more tweaking of the numbers in Dial #2, but assuming the full bar, which reads 32 as 7/10 full, is 45 5/7, using 5 of the numbers in the dial as seen above gets you 45 5/7 when all's said and done.

Is this coincidence? I don't know at all at this point, but it's worth looking into...I'll be having another look at the "ESE" dial shortly.



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