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About the phoenix logo

Posted By: Lord Bulgy
Date: 5 June 2001, 15:11

Now that "someone" has gotten me on a mission of frenzy to solve, um, whatever it is, I found
some more things. The logo at the bottom right coner of the phoenix.bungie.org site looks a lot like a compass with a phoenix. What I presume to be the tail of the phoenix is in the shape of an 'S,' right where the south marking would be on a compass.

Also, when I downloaded the logo to my desktop, I noticed that the image was called: phoenixBClogo.jpg. I wonder what the BC means? Traditionally it has refered to Before Christ.

This next point might be trivial, but I noticed that when downloaded the gylphs image (from the main page of Bungie.org), that the image was a GIF file. I'm no expert on file types, but I have seen GIFs traditionally used for small animations. Maybe the glyphs are supposed to move somehow? I also tried dragging and right clicking on the GIF images to see if there was anything literally behind itónothing (anyone remember the website of the first survivor show? When you right clicked on the the portraits of the "Survivors," all except one had a red 'X' across their picture. Unfortunately, the one who didn't have a 'X,' was not Richard Hatch.)

Lastly, a bit about the Chinese phoenix mythology. The phoenix was female (the dragon was the male), and in ancient times it supposedly flew to the palaces of Emperors and their gardens; the phoenix was seen as a symbol of good fortune.

-Lord Bulgy

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