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Related to the links?? Think about it!

Posted By: Steely <steelclasher@hotmail.com>
Date: 5 June 2001, 10:50

Alright, here's a zany theory I cooked up, but if some of you helped work on it, it might lead somewhere.

Look at the www.bungie.org page. Not including the Bungie Sightings or the April fools Pimps at Sea joke, there are seven other "links" left.

Now, in relating each glyph to a link, what may turn up is that the middle glyph, glyph 4, is related to the "?" link which is not a link at all, but perhaps it will be revealed when we solve this mystery!

PiD and glyph 7 is an obvious link. Myth and the 6th glyph I think could relate each game (including Chimera?) to a quadrant or by some other relation.

Glyph 5 and Marathon seem to have the * sign in correspondence, although there may be some other reasoning.

Glyph 1 (sorry I'm not going in order) could be the new century and the year "01" (2001?) for Bungie releasing Halo? Or maybe something else?

Glyph 2 someone already stated may be health-bar and hence Oni related, although I wonder about the 32... like I said, I've only began to ponder this.

As far as ESE relating to Phoenix, your guess is as good as mine.

Just keep in mind - The glyphs icon was placed where it was. Certainly someone realized that. There is also a "?" placed in the link bar. Bungie has nice web designs and something placed so prominently in a navigation bar is highly suspicious.

Just keep an open mind.

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