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a mini-tirade

Posted By: Shade <wwight@wso.williams.edu>
Date: 4 June 2001, 20:19

I've been looking at this puzzle two ways. First way -- each center symbol or set of symbols singles out one of the surrounding numbers. That would give us seven pieces of useful information and forty nine junk numbers. Second way -- every number in the puzzle is significant. Not just because the numbers in a glyph sum to certain total (how many sets of eight numbers can sum to 365?), but because each distinct number is needed in order to get to the answer.

My gut tells me (and I hope it's right) that we're dealing with the latter situation. I just don't think a puzzle with the heavily foreshadowed significance of these glyphs would have us throwing away seven numbers out of every eight. I think we should be looking for partial solutions that incorporate all the numbers in a glyph (don't ask me how just yet).

Along similar lines, I feel that pieces of the puzzle such as the glyph in symbol five can't just be a stylized ampersand or letter J. I think Bungie made the symbol that way for a reason. Perhaps we should look for a solution that involves rearranging the glyphs (as someone already mentioned). Maybe they fit together or on top of each other after some rotation. The numbers might tell us more that way.

Does this line of thinking make sense to anyone else?

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