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Posted By: kinescope <fuel04@hotmail.com>
Date: 4 June 2001, 02:20

I've taken a look at all this Glyph stuff, recently. I think I have found a pattern.

Glyph 1- 1st Century (has been said before)
Glyph 2- 32 degrees
Glyph 3- East South East (again, said before)
Glyph 4- ACG (Couldn't figure this one out. The initials of a city, perhaps?)
Glyph 5- and (looks like an ampersand to me)
Glyph 6- 148
Glyph 7- 3.14 (pi) or (circle) latitude or longitude?

The pattern I'm seeing here is of location, or directions to a location. So, perhaps we are supposed to find a location that was in its peak during "the first century, is 32 degrees East, Southeast of ACG and" has something to do with 148 in longitude or latitude (14 - 8 or 14 _ 8, perhaps?).

Additionally, I've found a site dealing with the Mayan cultural beliefs. I found it while looking for two locations, both of which I found using my method. Beware the quicktime music, though.



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