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I'm back...

Posted By: Miguel <bs@bungie.org>
Date: 29 May 2001, 01:40

I was away on another crazy trip this past week. Had a bunch of fun with the Myth clan, Geezers from Hell. They had a LAN party in Tucson, Arizona. LAN gaming is the epitome of the whole gaming experience. There's no topping such an experience. My most warmest thanks to Thumper and his family for hosting such a fabulous event. And my thanks to the rest of the folks there, it was a blast!

Anyway, I'm glad to see that many angles re: the "seven dials," as Hamish has coined it, is being investigated.

Since it's now pretty obvious that it has no relation to Phoenix, I will edit the home page's news about that.

My final note to the borg crew in the know about this puzzle: If the answer turns out to be really goofy and/or a letdown of sorts, I'll owe all the perpetrators a wedgie. ;-)

More later today/tom'w ...

- Miguel

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