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scratch that...

Posted By: TheMaz
Date: 15 June 2001, 00:07

I took all the edge numbers and mod26'ed them. Lining up the numbers, I went through and tracked the # frequency. I tabulated this out and assigned letters to the numbers (i let 0 be a space). Here's what I got:

Freq. 5: o
Freq. 4: k, s, x, v
Freq. 3: j, t, y, m, (space), n
Freq. 2: r, g, i, b, c
Freq. 1: w, l, f, h, u, d, e

The following letters did not appear at at: a, z, q, p

I noticed that each dial contained a single number that was not repeated (freq. 1). The numbers corresponding to these uniques (unmodified from original glyphs) are (in order G1->G7): 50, 25, 22, 113, 9, 10, 97.

Using 3of9's cypher script, I scanned all the ROTs for the letters wlfhude (the freq. 1 letters). I found that ROT-15 could be anagrammed to "just law" while ROT-23 could be anagrammed to "rice tab" (there could be others... i did the anagrams in my head). Where this leaves me... heh... i have not a clue.

Hoping maybe this will inspire someone (or at least prevent others from going through all that mess)

"Why do birds suddenly appear... everytiiiime you are neeeear?"

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