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Failed attempt

Posted By: Shade <wwight@wso.williams.edu>
Date: 14 June 2001, 00:09

This didn't work, but it might give other people some ideas:

I tried adding the number value (i.e. A=1, Z=26) of each central letter to the outer numbers on its glyph. Then I ROTed all the dials through the alphabet using 3of9's cool web tool. No luck. I couldn't find any meaningful words going around any single dial or going from dial to dial in the same position. I have the feeling that ROTing isn't going to lead us to the next answer set. We haven't yet reused a solution method in this puzzle. Let's think some more about how to pull two separate pieces of information (a username and a password) out of this mess. As Angus pointed out, we need to think like the puzzle maker. What methods of encoding would you have considered?

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