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Thinking horizontally...

Posted By: TheMaz
Date: 12 June 2001, 20:45

Think horizontally? how about this for G1: The I in the center has been said to resemble something structural... like a column or some sort of metal works. I propose that it looks like a railroad rail. Where does this leave me? Well if you take Claude's post talking about Chelsea's "tales" you can infer that he may be talking about good old fashioned american tall tales. One of these tales is about John Henry... a railroad worker. He're (a very little amount of) information on him:


The interesting thing: He worked on the C&O railroad. The glyph contains what could pass as a C... therefore the missing letter is O.

I propose G1 = O

Random? Tangental? eh... who cares... mebbe it'll spark some thought


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