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Re: G1 - one in 100 = E

Posted By: Mav <web_tester226@yahoo.com>
Date: 11 June 2001, 18:55

In Response To: Re: G1 - one in 100 = E (mnemesis)

> This is a big stretch, but here goes. On this page there is a "One
> in a Hundred" joke contest. The site is run by what looks like a
> combination internet service provider and bar supply warehouse. :) Anyway,
> the combination of "one in a hundred" and the capital letters
> "C E I" caught my eye. Here's to trying, cheers!

> -mnemesis

Hey now!!

What's this trying to solve still _another_ glyph symbol, eh? : P (Just kidding, and all in fun, of course ; P)

All kidding aside, though, that's a huge coincidence. It's worth a shot! C and I _plus_ 1 in a hundred! Only thing is Chelsea hasn't piped up yet, but hey, you never know. But then again, on the other hand, these glyphs are chock full of coincidences, including things that match and make sense even though they don't solve the center glyph symbol!! (though they might solve other things in the future...)

***random thoughts*** Ever notice how we were actually given a hint on the answer to G2 _before_ someone solved it? 3of9, I think, formally put forth the theory on June 9, but the hint was apparently hyperlinked in bungie.org's June 8 update! (unless they retroactively added the link) That was odd!

Ok *rolls up sleeves* time to tackle G5...gotta get over the fear of self-embarassment, since I'm wayyy past that threshold on this forum by now... ; ).


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