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New Perspectives on G5

Posted By: Nathan <nathan22t@yahoo.com>
Date: 10 June 2001, 16:28

I have been altering the image in GraphicConverter. The threshold feature helps to get a better idea of the shape. There are no circles/enclosed shapes on this design. Yet that's what your mind see's when you look at it. The grayed out areas that would make circular shapes are probably anti-aliasing. If they are important in some way, then we could perhaps consider them 'circles' of sorts. Also, the color in the ‘circles’ is much lighter than it needs be, almost white. This lighter color is also seen coming out of the area where the line(going up) splits. Probably not the issue to look at, but its important to note. Go ahead and blow the image up, and flip it in different directions... I think you might have an easier time thinking about it. Now for my theory:

Its a flower stem with two leaves, just no flower.

Sure its silly. But we need to look at it in different ways (see also: It’s not a symbol or letter from a language). Anyone else see something?

- Nathan

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