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Tic-tac-toe and a compass

Posted By: Bravehamster <admin@bravehamster.com>
Date: 9 June 2001, 15:27

Time for me to stop lurking I suppose ;) Just wanted to wait until I had something possibly useful to add to the discussion.

In one of Chelsea's posts she said "Then again, what kind of tic-tac-toe could I play? There are countless variations on a theme, aren't there? I could always play three games at once. I like threes _and_ challenges"

After reading this I noticed that G1 looks like part of a tic-tac-toe board. Then I remembered a book I read a while back, "Bio of a Space Tyrant", in which the hero leaves himself a message in his cell buried underneath his own feces which provides clues to give him his memory back. If I remember correctly, the clues involved letters being placed inside a tic-tac-toe board and being divided up in some manner to provide a cipher. I wish I still had that book (despite the gratuitous amounts of sex that Piers Anthony feels he needs to put in to move the story along). If someone else has it, could they look up the relevant information? I believe it's in book 3.

Of the 3 puzzles that have been solved so far, 2 have been solved without the aid of the outside numbers. On G6, the outside numbers 10 and 14 helped in the solution. So this leaves me a bit unsure as to whether or not to try and use the outside numbers while attempting to solve the inside portion. If we can use the outside numbers, I have some ideas for G3.

If you treat G3 as the face of a compass with north at the top, ESE will point right between 0 and 6. Could G3 possibly = 3? Or if you have your north line up with the 0 on the glyph, ESE would point inbetween 13 and 20. 16.5?

Other possibilities for G3:

Start at 0 on a cartesian plane. Move East 1 unit, South 1 unit, then East 1 unit. You end up at (2, -1). Your distance from the origin is Sqrt of 5.

ESE on a normal compass = 112.5 degrees. Does something interesting lie at 112.5 degrees E or W longitude? Is this the boiling or freezing point of some material in degrees centigrade of farenheit?

The face of the glyph as a compass again, E = 0, S = 13. ESE = 0130

Same idea, compass rotated so N = 0. ESE = 137113

I'm just throwing out ideas here and hope they spark with someone.

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