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Anagrams... (G4, G5, G7)

Posted By: Grasshopper <rowland@europe.com>
Date: 8 June 2001, 08:42

Chelsea, in a post, stated a liking for "chaos." Trying to embrace the possibility that in order to arrive at the "final" solution of one of the Glyphs, I ran a few words through the best Anagram word cruncher I could find. Below are the results for some of the words. The only result "perfect" anagram I found was for G4, as Threonine is a perfect anagram for "in her note." Also worth of mention is that "ampersand" (G5) includes "dreams," and seventy-four (G7) includes "envy," both Marathon-savy terms. Lots of garbage though.... with some amusing results too. The link for the engine is here:


And here are the results:

Rearranging the letters of 'threonine' gives:

On neither. On therein.
Net heroin. Neither no.
No! therein. Here in not.
Heroin ten. Herein not.
Their none. In there on.
Net in hero. There! in no.
Hero in ten. Other nine.
Eh! to inner. On 'n' either.
In three on. Hire on net.
Hire on ten. In ether on.
Tin on here. In her note.
In her tone. Or the nine.
No! in three. O! inherent.
No! in ether. Oh! enter in.
Eh! inter on. Her it none.
Eh! in tenor. Eh! in toner.
Nether ion. On the rein.
To 'n' herein. To her nine.
Net on heir. Eh! No! inter.
In 'n' to here. Here 'n' on it.
O! the inner. No 'n' either.
Eh! in or net. Eh! in or ten.
Here to inn. Here in ton.
Heir on ten. No! net hire.
Herein. Ton. No! tin here.
Hi! enter on. In the re on.
The Ronnie. I nether no.
No! hire ten. Ho! enter in.
No! in the re. Eh! nine rot.
Eh! iron net. Eh! iron ten.
He inter on. He, to inner.
Hire tenon. Hi! No! enter.
Tee in horn. Hone inter.
I, on nether. Hire 'n' note.
Hire 'n' tone. I 'n' on there.
Into 'n' here. No! the rein.
He or in net. He or in ten.
Her tin one. No! he inter.
No! net heir. Their neon.
Eh! in not re. In thereon.
Eh! on inert. Eh! inert no.
Here 'n' I, not. Her intone.
Thee nor in. Hi! one rent.
Eh! I, on rent. No! here 'n' it.
He, in tenor. He, in toner.
No! heir ten. Tenon heir.
He nine rot. Eh! rent ion.
Ion 'n' there. I 'n' on three.
Thee or inn. Rent in hoe.
Oh! in 'n' tree. I 'n' on ether.
I, on her net. I, on her ten.
Heir 'n' note. Heir 'n' tone.
Eh! not. Rein. Eh! No! I rent.
Her net ion. Hero 'n' I net.
Inert hone. Oh! inn tree.
Oh 'n' entire. Eh! ternion.
He iron net. He iron ten.
On 'n' her tie. It 'n' her one.
Hen orient. I toner hen.
Hen or I net. Then in ore.
Then in roe. Then on ire.
Nine hot re. 'n' their one.
One thin re. Here on nit.
I re on then. No! I 'n' there.
Hen nor tie. O! in nether.
Re hit none. I her net no.
No! I her ten. In 'n' hereto.
He re in not. Her tin eon.
Her ion ten. Torn Heine.
In hen to re. In the Reno.
Hire nonet. Hire tenno.
Hire tonne. Note Henri.
Tone Henri. Hint one re.
Thee 'n' iron. Hi! on 'n' tree.
I her tenon. Tier on hen.
Tire on hen. Hero 'n' I, ten.
He inert no. Re hen on it.
Hen or I, ten. Hereto. Inn.
I hone rent. Oh! I 'n' enter.
Hi! enteron. Eh! O! in rent.
Three 'n' ion. I 'n' her note.
I 'n' her tone. In 'n' the ore.
In 'n' the roe. On 'n' the ire.
Ho! in 'n' tree. He rent ion.
Ether 'n' ion. Her it neon.
Hen in rote. Hen in tore.
Hen to rein. Oh! re in net.
Oh! re in ten. Eh! tin on re.
Eh! I nor net. Eh! I nor ten.
There! O! inn. Re into hen.
I, hen tenor. No! then ire.
In noether. In hot Erne.
Ho! inn tree. Ho 'n' entire.
Hi! rent eon. O! in 'n' there.
I 'n' on the re. Then re ion.
Hetero inn. O 'n' neither.
O 'n' therein. He, on inert.
No! I 'n' three. O! in her net.
O! in her ten. Tie 'n' her no.
O! inter hen. The inn ore.

Rearranging the letters of 'seventyfour' gives:

Survey often. Frosty venue.
Very fuse not. To evens fury.
Very, unset of. Survey net of.
Every nuts of. Every founts.
Survey of ten. Envy fuse rot.
Very of tunes. Envy soft rue.
Very fun toes. Fever sun toy.
Very use font. Oy! nuts fever.
Yo! nuts fever. Forty venues.
Very, often us. Yes overt fun.
Toys fun ever. Envy fur toes.
Envy set four. Serve fun toy.
Verse fun toy. Nose fury vet.
Envy use fort. Nuts! very foe.
Very fuse ton. Fury eve snot.
Out! evens fry. Very 'n' to fuse.
Very fens out. Fury vet ones.
Every font us. 'e's very fount.
'e's fury on vet. Yes fun voter.
Set fury oven. Very font sue.
Oy! fevers tun. Yo! fevers tun.
'e's envy to fur. 'e's fun to very.
Sever fun toy. Fry to venues.
Every of stun. Every of tuns.
Venues try of. Run softy eve.
Oy! nut fevers. Yo! nut fevers.
Oy! fervent us. Yo! fervent us.
One fury vets. Envy fort sue.
Envy foe rust. Try fuse oven.
Forty eve sun. Very, net of us.
O! fury events. 'e's fury 'n' vote.
Envy out serf. Evens fur toy.
Envy or fetus. Vet or yes fun.
Fury nets voe. Fury TV on see.
Very of us ten. Fun story eve.
'e's very of nut. 'e's very of tun.
Vest one fury. Softy 'n' revue.
Fury eve tons. Eve 'n' rusty of.
To seven fury. Foetus 'n' very.
Eyes fun or TV. Fusty, on ever.
Ever fusty no. Use fry on vet.
Envy fuse tor. Fur stony eve.
Rusty, even of. Nest fury voe.
No! 'e's fury vet. Your vet fens.
Fury on Steve. On very fetus.
Eye TV runs of. Overs fun yet.
Survey to fen. Yes run vet of.
Try so fun eve. Toys veer fun.
'e's fury 'n' veto. Fury vets eon.
Eyes run TV of. Yes fur on vet.
Oy! tuns fever. Yo! tuns fever.
Oy! events fur. Yo! events fur.
Sent fury voe. Sun fry to eve.
Toy 'n' fever us. Oft envy sure.
Envy foe ruts. Eyes fur on TV.
Rye votes fun. Oy! fever stun.
Yo! fever stun. Four-eyes 'n' TV.
Fry 'n' vote use. Unset fry voe.
So. Fury event. Vest fury eon.
Turf nosy eve. Very foes tun.
Try sun eve of. 'e's one fury TV.
No! fury TV see. Envy for suet.
On fusty veer. Fry vet on sue.
No! very fetus. Very stun foe.
Survey on FET. Survey on tef.
Survey to nef. Vote 'n' yes fur.
Fury voe tens. Envy out refs.
Fry tunes voe. No! use fry vet.
'e's envy of rut. Very foe tuns.
Very nut foes. Not. Fry eve us.
Envy forte us. O! fun very set.
Fever nosy ut. No! fury Steve.
Fry outs even. So tun fry eve.
Oft envy user. Envy ref outs.
Fry 'n' vote sue. Oy! evens turf.
Yo! evens turf. Ovens fur yet.
Forty even us. Fusty nor eve.
Fry 'n' use veto. Yes turf oven.
You frees 'n' TV. Oven yet furs.
Yet surf oven. Eve 'n' forty us.
Envy rest UFO. No! yes fur vet.
Net fury voes. Fry outs 'n' eve.
Of 'n' very suet. Not survey ef.
Nuts! fey over. Fey vote runs.
Very UFO nets. Very fen outs.
No! eyes fur TV. You vet ferns.
Foy ventures. O! fusty nerve.
No! fusty veer. Fury voes ten.
Fey votes run. Envy softer U.
Every soft nu. Yes fun trove.
Veto 'n' yes fur. Toy veers fun.
Yet servo fun. Softy eve urn.
O! envy fur set. Very nest UFO.
One's fury vet. So. Fry eve nut.
Toys fever nu. 'e's fury TV eon.
Fusty or even. Vote sun Frey.
Fey, overt sun. Furs eye on TV.
Sty venue for. One fry vet us.
Fry eve snout. Envy foes rut.
Envy furs toe. Vet four 'n' yes.

Rearranging the letters of 'ampersand' gives:

Span dream. Damn! parse.
Damn rapes. Damn spare.
Damn spear. Damns rape.
Mans raped. Saner damp.
Snap! dream. A nerd maps.
Ampersand. Spread man.
Pan dreams. Map as nerd.
Damp earns. And a sperm.
Armed span. Damns reap.
Dream pans. Parsed man.
Spared man. Maps 'n' dear.
Mend as par. A par mends.
A map nerds. Mad 'n' parse.
Mad 'n' rapes. Mad 'n' spare.
Mad 'n' spear. Am sap nerd.
Damn pears. Armed snap.
Drama pens. Spend a ram.
Sad men par. Damn! 'e's par.
Am red span. Darn! 'e's map.
Damn as per. Dream 'n' sap.
Dames 'n' par. Ramp as end.
Drape mans. Padre mans.
A ramp ends. Pear damns.
Per a damns. Maps and re.
Spend a mar. Mrs and ape.
Span mad re. Remap sand.
Per sad man. Sad arm pen.
Sad ram pen. Ms and rape.
Rasp amend. Named rasp.
Damp nears. Damp snare.
Maps 'n' dare. Maps 'n' read.
Am red snap. Ramp a send.
Amends par. Man drapes.
'e's damp ran. Map 'n' dears.
Map 'n' reads. Arm 'n' spade.
Ram 'n' spade. Smear 'n' pad.
Dean ramps. Damps earn.
Damps near. Sane Mr pad.
Dreams nap. Sad 'n' remap.
Darn! sap me. Ramp as den.
Damp 'n' ears. Snap! mad re.
Red maps an. Dear! pan Ms.
Armed pans. Amp as nerd.
Rasped man. Earn mad PS.
Near mad PS. A nerd amps.
Sad mar pen. A. Spend arm.
Rend as map. A pram ends.
A maps rend. Darn! ape Ms.
Dear man PS. Am spread 'n'.
A map rends. Pram as end.
Deans ramp. Map 'n' as red.
Mar 'n' spade. Mend as rap.
A rap mends. An armed PS.
Maps 'n' a red. Damn! sap re.
Sap remand. Sap red man.
Mad 'n' pears. Am. Par ends.
Am per sand. Arden's map.
An arm sped. Me pads ran.
Damn asper. Pear's damn.
Rasp a mend. Mans pared.
Mans re pad. Dream 'n' asp.
Dream 'n' spa. 'e's mad 'n' par.
Send a pram. Arden maps.
Me and rasp. And 'e's ramp.
Sap arm end. Sap ram end.
Me 'n' sad par. Damn! ear PS.
Pare damns. Per mad 'n' as.
Am. Send par. Map sander.
Amps 'n' dear. Sperm Nada.
Ms and reap. Dream 'n' a PS.
Am a nerd PS. Mr 'n' sad ape.
Sad men rap. Damn! 'e's rap.
Damn PS are. Damn PS era.
Named pars. Named spar.
Damp 'n' arse. Spend Rama.
Man padres. A dram pens.
Am pan reds. Am red pans.
Dean prams. Ape Mr sand.
Me sand par. Damn! as pre.
Damn! as rep. Damn! a reps.
Armed 'n' sap. Dram as pen.
Pram as den. A spam nerd.
Amend pars. Amend spar.
As and perm. Andre maps.
Mad pans re. Dames 'n' rap.
Praam ends. A sad Mr pen.
Ms 'n' parade. Man pads re.
Pads reman. Damar pens.
Dram panes. Am. 'n' parsed.
Am. 'n' spared. Sap arm den.
Sap mar end. Sap ram den.
Mr 'n' a spade. Ms near pad.
Mr and apes. Mr and peas.
'e's pan dram. A den ramps.
Send praam. Damp 'n' as re.
Map 'n' sad re. Sap Mr dean.
Raped 'n' a Ms. Made ran PS.
Am sad 'n' per. Pan Ms dare.
Pan Ms read. Spread Nam.
Damp nares. Darn! 'e's amp.



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