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New main glyph art explained...

Posted By: Miguel <bs@bungie.org>
Date: 8 June 2001, 01:48

As a sort of 'tote board' kind of thing to assist us, the main graphic above has been modified to reflect our current state in solving the puzzle. Thru the miracle of bitmap compression, it's actually about 1k smaller in size than the original, physically smaller image, so no complaints about loading times in your browser! :)

G6's inner puzzle has been solved, as confirmed by Chelsea herself here. If we're to go by her other hints, there are still 2 other puzzles left to tackle within that glyph... patience seems to be required though.

G7's inner puzzle is also solved, I think, but Chelsea never out and out said as much as she did about G6. That might not be relevant to the situation because she might not have felt the need to tell us "You solved that one!" back when we first stumbled on G7's solution. Claude actually confirmed it, but still, I figure it might merit a "solved?" just in case it really hasn't been taken to it's final iteration. I'm only talking about the inner puzzle, btw.

So with 2 possibly down, let's continue! I'm still itching to solve G4, it seems very close.

- Miguel

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