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Re: A Straw Poll (Dial #7)

Posted By: Tursas <iku-turso@home.com>
Date: 6 June 2001, 20:58

In Response To: Re: A Straw Poll (Dial #7) (Lacrymosa)

> What about this meaning 3 and 14 or 3.14 or pi? I saw mention of this on
> the story page, but I didn't see if that Idea was shot down.

Problem with that is that 3.14 is only an approximation of pi. Pi is an irrational number whose tail continues to infinity. I personally don't like to deal in approximations (coming from me - HA), and I don't think this puzzle was madde with approximations in mind.

Come to think of it, 2.718 is only an approximation of e as well.

> It was
> mentioned also that the space between the 3 dots and the dots above the
> lines is quite big, signifying that these might be two separate numbers.

The Mayans did put a large space between the different parts of their numbers (eg between the 60's and the 1's places) to keep them separated and distinct. It's like putting 1 in front of 0, instead of overlapping them, to make 10.

> Make Sense?

I can see where you're coming from.

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